“Dirty” Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone’s Health in the United States

April 5, 2016

“Dirty” Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone’s Health in the United States

High voltage towers with sky background.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Electricity is a part of all of our lives today, and we seldom give much thought to it unless it is not there when we expect it to be.

Like many stories regarding diseases and potential cures that are not widely known, I stumbled upon this one due to a friend who had a health condition, cancer, and his search for what was causing it. He was not finding answers from the standard medical community and their treatments for cancer, which seldom, if ever, look for the underlying causes.

My friend is Amish, and he is part of a community in Wisconsin that raises healthy food that Tropical Traditions sells on the GrassfedTraditions.com website.

This Amish community lives “off the grid” and seldom uses electricity. But in my friend’s search for causes as to why he was struggling to overcome cancer, he contacted a local resident in their area of western Wisconsin who was an expert on the harmful effects of electricity. This person came to his farm, and determined that his farm had large concentrations of electrical current passing through it, something those in the power industry describe as “stray voltage.” With the help of this local electrician, he was able to install some some copper wiring as a “shield” around his living quarters. He reported:

“Headaches, stomach aches, and inflammation which were common before are now much improved.”

So this intrigued me. How could a local “electrician” in rural Wisconsin have such knowledge, I wondered. I decided to look him up, and found that his name is Dave Stetzer. Here is Dave Stetzer’s bio, from his website:


– See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/dirty-electricity-is-a-national-problem-affecting-everyones-health-in-the-united-states/#sthash.GAvQqzvM.dpuf

ITALY-Pediatricians: alarm phone for kids

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I pediatri: allarme telefonino per i bambini
Pediatricians: alarm phone for kids
The doctors ask to ban them under the age of ten years. Among the reasons why children should stay as far away from the phone, side effects like loss of concentration, learning problems, increased aggressiveness, insomnia, decreased memory
by Fartster
The Italy ranks first in Europe for the number of mobile phones owned and the average age of those in one decreases more and more. The use is, in short, turning into “abuse”. And the Italian society of preventive and social Pediatrics warns: mobile phones, for children under ten years, should be banned. Loss of concentration, learning disabilities and aggression are, according to experts, only some of the adverse health effects that smartphones are causing to the smallest.



Raising concerns about the military’s use of electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the reef.

marine Military and marine life

PMRF, researchers meet to discuss possible effects of base’s activity

on coral, other sea life

Posted: Sunday, April 3, 2016 2:00 am | Updated: 5:59 pm, Sun Apr 3, 2016.

BARKING SANDS — Representatives from Kauai’s conservation community recently met with representatives from the Pacific Missile Range Facility to discuss concerns that electromagnetic radiation coming from the high-powered radar and antennas could be the cause of coral’s decline.

“I walked away from the meeting today with a good understanding of the path we can now take to study and understand why we are suffering a massive die-off of our coral reefs here in Kauai,” marine biologist Terry Lilley said Wednesday.

Lilley has been documenting the decline of the coral reefs off Kauai since 2012, and is raising concerns about the military’s use of electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the reef.

Capt. Bruce Hay pointed out that PMRF is renowned for world-class training and testing, “but also recognized for environmental excellence.”

“Meetings such as the one that occurred this week only reinforce that we’re good neighbors and share the same values as our extended ohana, the community,” Hay said. “A positive dialogue was established between certified scientists and concerned citizens during the meeting.”

Stewart Simonson, an Atlanta-based senior chemical engineer who surveyed Kauai’s reef in 2014 and has been studying the area’s coral since then, said he thought the meeting was a step in the right direction.

“It has taken way too long — your reef is devastated,” Simonson said. “I have not seen a concrete plan of action from the meeting.”

Both he and Lilley said further studies on the root cause of the reef’s disintegration are desperately needed, but they have a few ideas on the cause of the disappearing coral.

After spending time underwater on Kauai and studying the reefs, Simonson’s theory is that the answer is accelerated corrosion — caused by an electrical current in the ocean.

Simonson said he’s found “hundreds of tons of calcium carbonate” dissolved in the sea where thriving reefs used to be on Kauai, “and that’s pretty impressive.”

“In the industry, if someone asked me to do that, I’d need tanker trucks of hydrochloric acid in concentrated form to get that much to dissolve,” Simonson said.


Argentina seeks a national law against electromagnetic pollution

Argentina seeks a national law against electromagnetic pollution