Another Smart Meter Malfunction Causes Fire

Firefighters battle barn fire at racehorse training facility

HORSE FIRE 4 Jamie Daley.png
(South Florida Training Center fire) courtesy Jamie Daley.png


Arson investigators believe an electrical meter inside of a barn that housed up to 30 horses, malfunctioned. Investigators believe that failure caused the meter to spark, setting fire to hay, feed, and other combustible materials that were stored nearby.

Virginia Farver lost her son Rich in 2008 because of a smart cell phone tower

Virginia Farver Explains The Deadly Reality of Smart Meters and RF Radiation

Published on Mar 30, 2014

Virginia Farver lost her son Rich in 2008 because of a smart cell phone tower on the SDSU campus. Once she started researching, she found many others had died due to similar cancer. This is her story and what we can do to stop smart meters.

Appallingly, the Farvers had a Smart Meter installed in their Fort Collins home against their will on March 6th, so now they purchased an analog meter with the plan to get the digital “dirty” meter removed. Contact Dennis Sumner, head of Ft. Collins smart grid program, who personally forced a meter on the Farvers’ home by phone at (970) 221-6700 (ask for Dennis Sumner) or e-mail him at

We need to get this information out to as many people as possible, please take action!…