Smart meters: Tobacco scientist expert health testimony

While Americans are reporting adverse health impacts associated with wireless utility meters, Peter Valberg of the product defense firm Gradient provides health and safety testimony for smart meter deployment for industry and regulators. Sign the petition “No more tobacco science for the MA DPU” at Move,
Petition challenging tobacco science for smart meters:
Petition is here:
You need not be an MA resident to sign.
Please share widely.
Subject: No More “Tobacco Science” Health Testimony for MA DPU
“Massachusetts residents are indirectly financing ‘junk science’ by tobacco scientist Peter Valberg  through taxes and utility rates.  This petition calls on the Gov.. the AGO, and the legislature to investigate lack of adequate health and environmental protections for residents, caused by possible collusion between Gradient Corporation, the MA Dept. of Public Utilities, and the corporations the DPU is supposed to regulate. “
Will you sign this petition? Click here:
Thank you,
Patricia Burke



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