7 out of 10 households now have smart metersThursday, 24 March 2016, 12:57 pm

7 out of 10 households now have smart meters
Hon Simon Bridges

Minister of Energy and Resources
24 March 2016 Media Statement

7 out of 10 households now have smart meters

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges says Kiwis can think smarter about their electricity consumption with seven out of 10 households now having a smart meter installed.

“Smart meters offer consumers a range of benefits including greater information on electricity consumption patterns and a wider range of electricity prices and plans to choose from,” Mr Bridges says.

“Consumers with a smart meter are charged based on more timely meter readings, avoiding the need for estimated readings or a visit from a meter reader.”

Latest data from the Electricity Authority shows a total of 1.25 million smart meters have been installed at residential electricity connections.

“New Zealand’s approach to the installation of smart meters has been innovative, as it has been driven by electricity retailers seeking to improve services to consumers.

“In most other countries the rollout of smart meters has been mandated by government, with consumers being charged for the cost of installing a smart meter, and is occurring at a much slower rate than in New Zealand.

“The Government is committed to a competitive electricity market that empowers consumers and keeps downward pressure on power prices,” Mr Bridges says.

The Electricity Authority has made recent changes to make it easier for consumers to access their consumption data for the last 24 months and share that data with other parties.

“This change should help consumers realise even greater benefits from smart meters. We are seeing more innovative retail pricing plans due to ever increasing competition in the market, and so I encourage all consumers to shop around and consider their options.

“Over time, innovative technology like smart meters will increasingly give consumers greater choices to meet their energy needs and use energy more efficiently.

“For example, we will see smart meters scheduling smart devices and appliances in your home to use electricity during periods when the price is cheaper. This will truly put the power in consumer’s hands,” Mr Bridges says.

More information on smart meters is available at http://www.ea.govt.nz/consumers/what-are-electricity-meters/