Controversy surrounding EMF exposure: Do wireless devices pose dangers?

Controversy surrounding EMF exposure: Do wireless devices pose dangers?

FOX 10’s Danielle Miller reports.

– We’re living in the age of wireless everything — and it’s being debated whether devices, such as cell phones, wi-fi routers and even baby monitors could be harmful to us.

“I started to get headaches and tinnitus, my ears were ringing really bad, my hair stated to fall out, I was getting acid reflux and leg cramps, and my memory was going,” said Paul Harding.
In 2011, Harding says it was those symptoms he began experiencing after the utility company put a smart meter on his home. After the installation, he says he’d wake up at 3:12 a.m. every morning with a racing heart beat.
“When they put the smart meter on, the power mode switch supply inside of it is creating dirty electricity and when it sends its information, the wiring in your home is acting like an antenna so RF travels on energized wiring, so it’s actually pulsing the electric field that you’re absorbing,” explained Harding.
Harding talked with a few neighbors who had similar symptoms and after reading a few articles, he believed he was suffering from something called Electromagnetic Radiation Sickness. He says harmful RF or radio frequencies are produced in your home by things like wi-fi routers, cell phones and computers.
“Well there’s all sorts of devices out there that use wireless technology and there are devices, such as dimmer switches, CFL light bulbs that are producing what is called dirty electricity, so absorbing those fields that they are producing, studies have shown to cause nerve blockage.”
Harding is now making it his mission to help others to get rid of what he says is unnecessary exposure to RF, AC magnetic fields, and AC electric fields in their homes, like this woman who did not want to be identified:
“It feels like a live wire inside of my body, and I don’t know what it’s from, like power overload or something.”
Harding uses equipment to measure for dirty electricity, electrosmog and power quality.
“This is a high frequency analyzer. It measures anywhere between 2.4 and 10 gigahertz. This is also a high frequency analyzer, but it goes from 27 megahertz to 2.4 gigahertz,” he said.
In a situation like this, Harding recommends painting the walls with RF electric field deflecting paint, applying special tint on the windows and unplugging the wi-fi.
This woman did, and after the meter is measuring .04 and is nearly silent.
Harding also recommends electricity filters and fixing mistakes in your home’s wiring.
“When they’re running right next to each other, it will cancel out that magnetic field. When there is a wiring error, which we see quite often with mistakes that are made when the house was put together you see very large magnetic fields.”
“To put it into perspective, the sun, if you’re out in Phoenix midday in June, that’s over one kilowatt per square meter, so all of these things are much lower than that,” explained Peter Rez, a professor in Arizona State University’s physics department.
There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this topic and how much EMF exposure is safe or if it’s even harmful at all.
“All of these environmental sources are very, very low and the worst possible case is the cell phone transmitting to a tower a long way away and everything else is going to be less than that,” added Rez, who says there’s no reason for concern.
“EMF, the main effect is heating. When you have very high power EMF as in a microwave oven, the effect is obvious, you heat up your food. However the levels of EMF from the environment from radio transmissions, from cell phones, from local wireless area networks is very very low, it’s negligible.”
Although there is controversy, Harding says he’s seen results and believes in what he’s doing.
“We don’t want to know that our precious smart phones to be, you know, we don’t want to know that they could possibly be hurting us, but if you were to look on the iPhone and go from general to legal RF exposure, it will tell you to keep that phone 10 millimeters to 5 millimeters away from your body at all times.”
Harding says some people are more sensitive to EMF radiation than others. He suggests getting rid of wireless devices in your home, such as keyboards, a computer mouse, and baby monitors.
By the way, it can cost thousands of dollars to have a home mitigated of EMF and that does not include Harding’s services.