Published on Feb 16, 2016

The Sacramento Bee reported on this lawsuit on February 5, 2016.
SMUD Board of Directors meeting February 4 2016…

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The Sacramento News and Review reported on this lawsuit on February 11, 2016.…
Sunshine on the activities and programs of SMUD, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, is sorely needed. In particular on the SMUD smart meter, or “advanced metering infrastructure”, program. This evil program has been cloaked in secrecy from day 1. It remains so to this day as of mid February, 2016.

4 years after the Board of Directors approved the smart meter opt out, on March 1, 2012, in Resolution 12-03-09. SMUD has never notified its customers about it.

3 years after the Board of Directors approved the analog meter option on March 21, 2013 in Resolution 13-03-08. SMUD has never notified its customers about that either.

Consequently 99% of SMUD customers do not know that they can get rid of their smart meter and have it replaced with a safe, reliable and effective analog meter (the industry standard for decades, since the beginning of the electric grid) to protect their health, prevent house fires and inflated bills, and avoid the invasion of privacy that smart meters enable.

This is a government cover up. There is no valid or reasonable basis for it. It is purely unjustified. Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness has spoken and written to the Board of Directors repeatedly over several months saying that SMUD should notify its customers in 3 ways:
on page 1 of the electric bill (as Pacific Gas & Electric Company did for a year),
in an article 4 times in 2015 in the “Connections” newsletter that SMUD sends out with the bills, and
via email to the 250,000 customers who gave SMUD their email addresses.

Why the secrecy? SMUD is a municipal utility under the MUD Act, part of California’s Public Utilities Code. They are supposed to be working for the public, for the customers. They do not have any stock or any stockholders. They are not supposed to be trying to make a profit. By law their meetings are open to the public and their records are available to the public. Unfortunately SMUD is following the international smart meter agenda which in their minds (the Board of Directors’ minds) is more important than all of this. And more important than their oath of office, the California Constitution, and the health and safety of their customers. As I said sunshine is needed at SMUD.

For more information see Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness on the internet.


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