Our Mindsets are Preventing Healthy Change

We are concerned about nuclear attacks and terrorism when this is actually happening under Americans noses every day.  We are denied our rights to peacefully protest, our elected officials are ignoring our voices, our children are pawns in wars that are not ours to fight.  Our citizens are being gunned down randomly for new good reason, other than the warped fascination to kill.  We have allowed gun lobbyists and the ARA to twist and deceive the agenda of gun control.   People are angry that our jobs are outsourced, locally and abroad.  The Republican political party in chaos because there are candidates qualified to lead.  The terrorism is being perpetrated by ignorance and greed in the form of daily exposure to dirty electricity radiating  through the utilities wires right into our homes 24 hours a day along with non thermal radiation exposure via the smart meter technology.  Cooking our kids with Microwave radiation with cell phones, allowing WiFi in schools and home.  The government has not included us in deciding what is good for us!  We are allowing this to happen by doing nothing in fighting these issue.

We are tired of the lies and the choke hold of big business; where profit trumps our rights. But all this discord, still, does not translate into the kind of revolution Bernie Sanders speaks of.  He is raking in the money from small donors for his campaign.  He is attracting 10’s of thousands of supporters, but when you break down the demographics and the delegates he has a tough road ahead.  I believe he has the best message that reflects our anger and angst and is the most sincere.  The American people are not there yet.  it doesn’t matter who gets the job as long as we have this political model running the show.  I will end up voting for Hillary if Sanders does not make it.  Only because, there is too much at stake.  Our house and senate and Judicial seats for most importantly.  I have a hard time with Hillary supporting fracking and having such a Frankenstein feeling about whistleblowers, such as Snowden.  We need whistleblowers.  We need the progressive liberals to grow and prosper if we are going to evolve into a healthy society.

Until the old archaic thinkers  die off and are replaced with younger minds and ideologies,  we can look forward to more of the same.  Looks like white supremacy , the kkk and racism is still alive and well in our country……Sandaura


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