Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies

Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies

Analog Meter

Analog meter choice bills are being considered by a number of US state legislatures this year, in response to a drumbeat of public complaints.  These states include: Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

For a draft inventory of existing smart meter policies throughout North America (courtesy of BC’s Coalition to Stop Smart Meters), click here to download a pdf. Please notify Sharon Noble of any updates.

An Electronic Silent Spring – March, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer


    An Electronic Silent Spring – March, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring
March, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer
E-Invisibles  Since posting Mark Mills’ amazing report about how much electricity the Internet requires, “The Cloud Begins with Coal,”, I’ve learned about
* The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET). Rod Tucker’s 2013 report, “The Power of Wireless Cloud” explains CEET’s finding that most electricity usage is required in telecom infrastructure–in broadband networks (etc.) between your device and a data center.
* The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has old, still excellent reports about chemical hazards and waste from computers, including “Just Say No to E-Waste” and “Communities and Workers Beware!!” More recently, SVTC posted a report about solar power installations not being energy-efficient.
          E-lephants on Our Hands: How Electronics Impact Climate Change, the talk I gave at the University of Oregon’s Environmental Law Conference March 4, 2016, based largely on reports from the above-mentioned sources, is now posted here:
For a new video from Brian Thiesen about “smart” meters that explains how they may cause fires,
Meanwhile, PNM, New Mexico’s electric utility, has just proposed installing “smart” meters in the area it serves.
For clear reports about how children’s health is negatively impacted by mobile devices and screen-time exposure,
* Child psychiatrist Victoria Dunckley, MD, describes how interactive screen-time causes more harm than TV:
* British educator Sue Palmer questions if we’re robbing our children of the ability to think.
* UC/Berkeley School of Public Health researcher Dr. Joel Moskowitz has recently posted a Korean study concluding that “mobile phone addiction is a health risk,” and that “early and continuous treatment and education should be provided for adolescents to prevent mobile phone addiction and depressive symptoms.”  Sangmin Jun, “The reciprocal longitudinal relationships between mobile phone addiction and depressive symptoms among Korean adolescents,” Computers in Human Behavior, May, 2016.
Good News: some teachers are acting on the evidence:
* The Environmental Health Trust has compiled a spectacular list of schools, unions and PTAs that have taken steps to ensure healthier school environments.
* Some educators are offering

Card for Those with Electrosensitivity

14 February 2014

Card for Those with Electrosensitivity

For those with Electro-sensitivity :


As with any serious medical condition, it is vital for patients to carry information that can help doctors to either diagnose a problem or to prevent it getting worse.

BGE makes case for another rate hike

BGE makes case for another rate hike

Proposed increase would add about $15 a bill

 UPDATED 10:33 AM EDT Mar 18, 2016

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BALTIMORE —If you’re a BGE customer, your energy bills may be getting more expensive.

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The company is asking regulators for another rate hike. This time it says it needs to pay itself back for its Smart Meters program.

BGE is now one step closer to that rate hike, which would equate to about $15 more per bill. Those upset about the hike and Smart Meters protested the proposal on Thursday.

BGE has more than a million Smart Meters keeping track of customers’ energy use across Maryland.

The utility company said the upfront cost to install and operate the new wireless technology will eventually be worth it as it looks to expand Smart Meter use.

“Smart meters give us a lot more information and customers more information about their usage,” BGE spokesman Aaron Koos said. “We expect this to be a $1.5 billion savings project when it’s all said and done.”

That’s what BGE had to prove before asking the Public Service Commission to recoup that upfront cost by way of a rate hike.

Before the last of five public hearings on the rate hike request, a group protested outside on Thursday.

“Customers cannot pay this,” Kate Kheel of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness said. “There are also surcharges on top of this. There’s the conduit fee that’s going to be added on top of this and customers are going to be gouged.”

Koos tried to put BGE bills into perspective.

“The important thing to keep in my mind about total bill is that total bills are down from what they were even in 2008,” Koos said.

Protesters also wanted to raise awareness about what they say are the unknown health dangers of Smart Meters

“The utilities have never done any health research to see what the impact of that kind of radiation is,” Jonathan Libber of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness said. “We’re talking maybe 10,000 pulses a day.”

Koos said the Smart Meters are not a danger to customers.

“Smart Meters are safe,” Koos said. “They’re secure and customers are benefiting from them. It’s been proven across the country and here in Maryland.”

BGE’s rate hike was last year and equated to about $4 more a bill. The latest hike, if approved, would go into effect in the summer.

Smart Meter Dangers: What They Knew and When They Knew It

Smart Meter Dangers: What They Knew and When They Knew It

ComEd’s smart meter deployment is being propelled by a public relations campaign which minimizes and/or dismisses the health and safety impacts that the wireless meters are creating for their customers. What has been known for decades about the health effects of Radio Frequency/microwave radiation is now being passed off by ComEd as a small amount of Radio Frequency being emitted from a smart meter six times a day.

A call to customer service posing the question, “Are smart meters safe?” will elicit a response, “You don’t have anything to worry about, it is safer than a baby monitor”. And, with that simple explanation, the deployment of four million smart meters is underway in Illinois. Community leaders and residents deserve a real answer and hard facts.

Throughout this article Radio Frequency/microwave radiation will also be referred to as non-ionizing or non-thermal. For clarification: A definition of thermal or ionizing radiation means it can cause heat shock or burn body tissue. Non-ionizing or non-thermal radiation is a lower intensity that can cause other negative effects on living tissue (human, animal, or plant).

Let the truth be known:

What is being hidden from the consumer and decision-maker is what has been known by the military for decades: Radio Frequency/microwave radiation even at low levels is a health threat. U.S. military reports nearly 60 years ago confirmed the biological effects of exposure to low level Electromagnetic Radiation.

Jerry Flynn is a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain with 22 years of experience in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence. In that capacity, he worked with U.S. and NATO armies. Flynn writes

“In 1956 the U.S. Department of Defense directed the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force to investigate the biological effects of exposure to Radio Frequency/microwave radiation (RF/MW) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). In 1957 they reported many implications: evidence it can cause cancer, damage major organs, and disrupt important biological processes. It can harm the immune and nervous systems, cause behavioral effects, interfere with the ability to learn, and damage the chemical barrier that prevents blood toxins from entering the brain. It could possibly cause genetic defects, birth defects, and general effects on growth and the aging processes.”

Flynn emphasizes, “The military noted that pulsed radiation appeared to be more harmful than non-pulsed radiation.” (ComEd smart meters emit pulsedradiation.)

Air Force Report, 1994   

A June 1994 U.S. Air Force document, entitled, “Radio Frequency/microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards”,acknowledged non-thermal health effects.  Stated in its abstract, “It is known that Electromagnetic Radiation has a biological effect on human tissue. Researchers have discovered a number of biological dysfunctions that can occur in living organisms. Exposure of the human body to Radio Frequency/microwave [RF/MW] radiation has many biological implications that range from innocuous sensation of warmth to serious physiological damage to the eye”, and added that “there is also evidence that RF/MW radiation can cause cancer.  

Other adverse health issues include: “mutagenic effects, cardiovascular effects, negative effects on chromosomes and notes that Soviet investigators claim thatexposure to low-level radiation can induce serious CNS [central nervous system] dysfunctions”.  

NASA Report, 1981

A NASA report published in April 1981, entitled “Electromagnetic Field Interactions with the Human Body: Observed Effects and Theories”,discussed what EMF and RF/microwave radiation inflicts on humans. Health effects of RF/microwave radiation that were reported are headaches, sleep problems, neurological symptoms, cardiac symptoms, memory problems, increased cholesterol, gastritis, ulcers, increased fasting blood glucose, irritability, inability to concentrate, apprehension, and cataracts (clouding of posterior part of lens in those caused by microwave radiation instead of anterior clouding as seen with regular types)Information for the NASA report was collected from over 1,000 written sources that included journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, books, abstracts, and news items.

Navy Report, 1971

In October 1971, the Naval Medical Research Institute published a research report, “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation”,  which was a compilation of over 2000 references on the biological responses to RF/microwave radiation.  It lists well over 100 negative biological effects caused by RF/ microwave radiation. Here is a partial list from the report: corneal damage, brain heating, alteration of the diameter of blood vessels, liver enlargement, decreased fertility, sterility, altered fetal development, decreased lactation in nursing mothers, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, hand tremors, chest pain, thrombosis, alteration in the rate of cellular division, anorexia, altered adrenal cortex activity, chromosome aberrations, tumors, loss of hair, and sparking between dental fillings.

Also mentioned in the Navy Report is, “altered orientation of animals, birds and fish”.

Barrie Trower, a British Secret Service Microwave Weapons Specialist, states:

“The paradox is how Radio Frequency/microwave radiation can be used as a weapon to cause impairment, illness and death; and at the same time be used as a communications instrument [such as in a smart meter]. By 1971 we knew everything that needed to be known. A 1976 document summarizing U.S. Defense Intelligence research is the saddest and most despicable document ever published in history. The document lists all of the health hazards caused by wireless devices and concludes: This should be kept secret to preserve industrial profit.

Since the health threats have been known for decades, where do we stand now?

At this time, the installation of smart meters is mandated by law on every home, school, and building in ComEd’s customer service territory. NO permanent opt-out option is available. Parents, who know the truth about the health risks, have nowhere to turn. There is no avenue available for parents, who are aware of the dangers, to protect their children. Does this sound like Flint, Michigan all over again?

Illinois is in the midst of an avoidable, man-made health crisis. What happens when the state faces Flint’s horrible position concerning water, but with electricity? ComEd’s smart meter deployment is creating just such a tragic situation. It is up to the residents to take action, push legislators and theIllinois Commerce Commission for a permanent opt-out, and protect the children in Illinois as well as all living beings in the state.

Part 2 –Follow this article to find out what other agencies, corporations, and organizations knew about the health effects related to Radio Frequency/microwave radiation and when they knew it. Also covered is who is sounding the alarm in an effort to protect public health and welfare.

[Originally published at Illinois Review]

Smart Meter Dangers: What They Knew and When They Knew It

Letter to Dept of Environment re “THE HUM”

Jan 2016 Letter to Dept of Environment re “THE HUM”


It has come to my notice that you have been asked to deal with the issue of ‘the hum’ by some members of the public who are suffering with the environmental impairment electrohypersensitivity (EHS) – some of these, as yet, are not aware that this is what their symptoms relate to.

Since the vast accumulation of our modern technological gadgets we have all been more intensively subjected to an environment laden with electromagnetic fields (extremely low frequency and radio frequency fields or EMF/ELF/RF).  It is estimated that our electromagnetic fields are now one million billion times greater than the natural electromagnetic background that has taken humans and other living organisms millions of years to adapt to.  Since identifying the fact that my own unexplained ill health was related to EMF/ELF/RF I began to research this field of study along with its effects on health and the environment.

I will not go on about this in a broad sense but will concentrate on ‘the hum’/noise/vibrations that thousands of people are now experiencing.  Studies refer to this as the auditory perception of radiofrequency fields/microwave hearing, particularly pulsed or modulated microwaves, which travel through everything, including concrete, our homes and our bodies.  Many consequential sufferers have no option but to move around, live in sheds or create noise that will mask ‘the hum’ 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Government/Department of the Environment are aware of this auditory effect as it is mentioned in the ICNIRP guidelines that they base their standards of EMF/RF upon.  ‘Microwave hearing’ is described in these guidelines as ‘stressful and potentially harmful’. 

I am not an expert in the mechanics of ‘the hum’ but my research advises that it stems from the emissions/resonances of mobile phone base stations and also from the way the powergrid is being used to enable our ‘smart’ society.  The low frequency pulsing and modulations of signals from mobile phone base stations leads to acoustic resonances in the air and these can travel for miles.  Also, the digital/smart grid, which is a two-way communication system (transmits/receives), has now been installed onto our electrical infrastructure/powerlines, which are traditionally a one-way system.   As a result of this, our infrastructure has been turned into a huge antenna.  Many problems related to ‘dirty electricity’ have emerged.   Health problems issuing from both of these sources of EMF/RF i.e. mobile phone base stations and two-way wireless communication devices such as water and electricity meters placed on a one-way infrastructure, are now pervasive.  The very serious levels of radiation, which are in the very atmosphere/environment we live in are irradiating all living things 24/7 and are bioactive and carcinogenic.  Microwave hearers can sense these waves and pulses acoustically and physically.

As a means of sharing knowledge I enclose references to some research papers that clearly demonstrate various levels of power density and their corresponding physical effects on humans.  On the information produced by Arthur Firstenberg I have highlighted microwave hearing for your attention.  For more in-depth study I would refer you to Allan Frey’s work Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy (1962)It was Frey who originally discovered this phenomenon.  An excellent broad paper is The Auditory Perception of Radio-frequency electromagnetic Fields by Chung-Kwang Chou and Arthur W. Guy.  How the Hum works physically is well documented in the work of Ronald Seaman’s paper The Transmission of Intracranial Sound to the Inner Ear is Most Likely Through Cranial Aqueducts.  Finally, I enclose information, simply called ‘the hum’ sourced from  Tables/diagrams omitted on this paper are available on the site.  These research papers will provide you with broad knowledge regarding ‘the hum’.

It will be extremely difficult to deal with this issue efficiently or even effectively as the truth about EMF (non-thermal, pulsed and continuous) health effects is being suppressed.  Governments seem now to be managed by industry and the impending signing of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), can be seen as a threat to the preservation of legislation regarding public health and our environment.  If signed, the country can be taken to court for ‘harming the investments’ of large corporations.

You may respond to this information or not but please remember that children are being born today who will never know what silence is.

Hope this was helpful, Ethna Monks

Access to Tables:

Table of Effects by SAR or POWER DENSITY – note under Power Density that Microwave Hearing occurs at 20mW/m2 and a number of scientific research papers are alluded to. 

and the table of some biological effects of radio wave from: Arthur Firstenberg in his Radio Wave Packet, 2001, accessed from the Cellular Phone Task Force at:

Jan 2016 Letter to Dept of Environment re “THE HUM”

National Grid caught stealing from their customers!

National Grid exposed for the crooks they truly are!  Criminals go to jail for this activity of stealing!!!…Sandaura

Berkshire County consumers to get energy bill refund

By Tony Dobrowolski @TonyDobrow on Twitter

Posted:   03/27/2016 02:04:44 PM EDT | Updated:   a day ago

BOSTON — Berkshire County consumers may see refunds on their energy bills after a federal judge ruled that the amount New England electric transmission companies charge ratepayers for their infrastructure improvements is too high.

Administrative Law Judge Steve L. Sterner’s ruling requires New England electric transmission companies to provide customers approximately $234 million in refunds, which would appear as credits on their energy bills.

The ruling reduces the return on equity, or ROE, that transmission companies are permitted to earn on their investments from 2013 through 2015.

The judge’s decision is the result of ongoing litigation before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that had been initiated by the state Attorney General’s Office in 2011. FERC must still approve the judge’s decision before it can go into effect.

Eversource Energy and National Grid, which service Berkshire County, will be required to pay the largest share. The exact amount assigned to each utility was unavailable on Friday.

Massachusetts ratepayers, who pay for nearly half of the New England region’s transmission costs, will receive $106 million in refunds.

“As the ratepayer advocate we are pleased that the administrative law judge agrees that the profits electric transmission companies and their investors are earning at the expense of ratepayers is too high,” Attorney General Maura Healey in a statement on Friday. “If FERC agrees, New England ratepayers will be refunded hundreds of millions of dollars and will save millions going forward.”

Judge Sterner’s ruling further reduces the allowed ROE to 9.59 percent for rates that were in effect between January 2013 and April 2014.

In a related development, consumers who were allegedly misled by Just Energy, a competitive energy supplier, are beginning to receive restitution payments as part of the second, and final phase of a restitution agreement put in place as part of a $4 million settlement with the company, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

The group of customers receiving restitution in the second phase includes those who signed up for Just Energy’s variable rates and customers who paid a termination fee to the company. The number of Berkshire County residents affected by the second phase of the restitution agreement was unavailable on Friday.

The AG’s Office alleged that Just Energy engaged in deceptive marketing and sales tactics that misled consumers into signing contracts based on attractive introductory pricing, only to later experience an increase in their electricity supply costs between 2010 and 2014.

Contact Tony Dobrowolski at 413-496-6224.

Smart Meter Fires: Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers (video)

This was never a problem with analog meters.  Data and the internet of things is the impetus for Digital meters.  It means more revenue for the utilities and investors!!  The harm it is doing to the public is reduced to collateral damage!!
March 28, 2016
by Josh del Sol
This new video from Brian Thiesen is quite literally explosive information which every homeowner needs to know.

So-called “smart” meters have caused thousands of fires and explosions — such as this fire on Wednesday in Ontario. But corrupt politics and money have swept the whole thing under the rug.

Brian explains how and why this is all occurring, including reams of evidence and court documents. This is exactly what your utility does not want you to see. Watch now:

Read full article at:


Mon., Mar. 28, 2016
Governments, Authorities Ignore 60+ Years of Dangers of Wi-Fi
Justin TrudeauJustin Trudeau

Retired Canadian Army captain Jerry Flynn, who spent 22 years in its “Electronic Warfare” unit, is beseeching Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian Medical Assn. president Dr. Chris Simpson to stop “suppressing the truth” about the dangers of Wi-Fi, Cellphones, computers, cell towers and other forms of radiation.The Canadian government is “blind to the decades-old corruption that is ongoing within the Minister of Health’s radiation protection bureau,” he said. “Tragically, for all persons living in Canada, our provincial governments have shown themselves to be willfully silent to those of us who have made many attempts to alert them over the years.”

Flynn also called on the Obama Administration to change its policy of ignoring the Wi-Fi threat.

“These are unprecedented, unbelievable times in America’s history,” he said.  One can only presume that President Obama himself, and his entire administration, are deliberately being kept ignorant of the systemic corruption that is ongoing within the U.S. regulatory family of agencies, most notably the Federal Communications Commission and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and its International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety.




“Enabling this corruption, the remaining few media conglomerates choose to remain largely silent. If Americans are to survive this unprecedented Crime Against Humanity, they must wake up and act – before it is too late!”

Flynn Rapped Wireless Utility Meters

Flynn spoke about the dangers of wireless utility “smart” meters at a “National Day of Action” Oct. 4, 2012.

Also rapped on the knuckles is the “sinfully silent news media” in both Canada and the U.S. Exposes of the hazards of radiation are “all over the TV news at least in Europe and Australia,” he said. ABC-TV Australia broadcast “Wi-Fried” on Feb. 16, 2016, detailing health hazards of Wi-Fi, cellphones, etc.

Flynn notes that a handful of companies control much of the media in the U.S. and that five tech companies are planning to envelope the earth in Wi-Fi:

• Google plans 200,000 Wi-Fi balloons at 62,500 feet.
• Space X plans 4,000 satellites 750 miles high.
• OneWeb will hoist 648 satellites 500-590 miles high.
• Facebook plans satellites, drones and lasers.
• Outernet plans low orbit microsatellites.

Globe in Wi-Fry Frying Pan

“Virtually the entire global population will be irradiated 24/7/365 by 2020 whether they like it or not by pulsed, non-thermal microwave on the same frequency as microwave ovens-2.4 Gigahertz,” said Flynn.

The Federal Communications Commission on March 17 gave Google approval to float the balloons in all 50 states. Flynn notes that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler chaired the CTIA-Wireless Assn. from 1992-2004 and is the only person ever named to the Cable TV and Wireless Halls of Fame.

The passage of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 made it illegal for any community to consider health or the environment in regulating cell towers, said Flynn.

In 1995, he noted, just as the Environmental and Protection Agency was about to introduce national exposure limits that would protect the public from non-thermal electromagnetic radiation, the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations cut the EPA’s budget saying it should not be “engaged in electromagnetic activities.”

The responsibility was then transferred to the FCC whose independence is open to question, said Flynn who calls the FCC “corrupt” and “lacking in EMF scientists.”

Norm Alster has authored Captured Agency: How the FCC Is Dominated by the Industries it Presumes to Regulate.

Life on Earth Threatened—Flynn

“It is preposterous but tragically true,” said Flynn, “that scientists and informed people around the world fear that today’s ongoing pandemic corruption, suppression of the truth, deception and lies, aided by the sinfully silent news media—unless it can somehow be stopped—will bring about the demise of mankind and all life on earth as we know it.”

Wi-Fil health advocates are looking for public figures that can take up their cause. An ally may be John Travolta, who insists that hotels he stays in cover the windows of his room with aluminum foil and dark curtains. The wording was found in a rider in Travolta’s contract with hotels by the U.K.’s Daily Mail and reported March 27.

Goop, the website of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, explored whether “Cellphones and Wi-Fi Signals Are Toxic.”

Dr. David Carpenter, one of three panelists, said, “The strong evidence is that cellphone use results in brain cancer.” Devra Davis and Ann Louise Gittleman said they were convinced that the ubiquitous radiation poses dangers, especially to children.

Flynn Notes Threat to Children

Flynn published a statement March 25 titled, “Imprisoning Children and Teachers in Microwaved Classrooms Is a Crime Beyond Belief.”

He said that “Time is running out for Americans to wake up and realize that their children are being unintentionally but seriously harmed by technologically-ignorant, irresponsible authorities who, sadly, have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the wireless and telecom industry and electric utilities whose sole concern is profit – even at the expense of an unsuspecting and defenseless public’s health and well-being!”

Said Flynn:

“Renowned scientists such as Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. Sam Milham, Dr. Robert O. Becker and others have long said that anyman-made radio frequency radiation, no matter how weak the signal, is hazardous to humans and all forms of life – especially ‘pulsed’ M/W radiation!

Microwave ovens cook food and heat liquids on the M/W frequency of 2.4 GHz While M/W ovens emit very high powered radiation, they do so for relatively short periods of time before they shut OFF. Note: The form of radiation emitted by M/W ovens is ‘continuous wave,’ which is less harmful to humans and all living things than is a Wi-Fi router’s ‘pulsed’ radiation.

“Inconceivably, precious children and their teachers are forced – every moment they are at school – to sit in classrooms with powerful industrial-grade Wi-Fi routers above their heads that emit the more dangerous ‘pulsed’ form of M/W radiation on frequencieswhich the US Military knows are lethal to all human organs and organ systems: 2.4 GHz or both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz! W-Fi routers emit their pulsed non-thermal radiation in all directions constantly, 24/7/365, blanketing entire areas ranging in distance from just hundreds of feet out to encompass a school’s entire property!

Wi-Fi Health Effects Cumulative

“Non-industry scientists know that the harmful biological and health effects of low-level pulsed radiation are cumulative. It is not a question of IF a student or teacher will be harmed, but how much accumulated radiation over how many months and/or years can their individual bodies endure before they succumb to serious illness?

“Since its inception in 1948, the World Health Organization has experienced almost constant turmoil and challenges. No longer enjoying secure funding from governments, it now relies on voluntary contributions from governments and other sources. Currently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [Bill is the founder of Microsoft] is one of the biggest contributors to WHO! Radiation regulatory agencies, electric power utilities, and the wireless/telecom industries have meticulously studied, learned from and improved upon the extremely successful, deceitful tactics employed by the tobacco industry for so many profitable decades.

Flynn spent two years at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive radio intelligence-gathering stations, where he supervised some 200+ specially-trained radio operators who conducted research.

He said the U.S. military has long known that the most harmful radio/microwave frequencies to man are those within the band 900 MHz to 5 GHz (900 million to 5 billion Herz), for they penetrate all organs and organ systems of the body, thus putting all human organ systems at risk. “This is precisely why these frequencies are used in M/W weapons of war!” he said.

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Maine Voices: Your smart meter isn’t necessarily safe or healthy

Maine Voices: Your smart meter isn’t necessarily safe or healthy

Maine lives are at risk from the noncancer effects of smart meter-induced radiofrequency radiation.

By Ed FriedmanSpecial to the Press Herald

BOWDOINHAM — The title of Marina Schauffler’s recent column referring to the “wired world” (“We live in a wired world, ignoring potential threats from our devices,” March 20) is a bit misleading. The myriad of problems discussed in the piece stem from an increasingly “wireless” world. Typically, wired connections are safe – or at least far safer than radiofrequency-emitting wireless.

In this excellent column, the real electromagnetic radiation elephant in the room gets barely a mention. While the impact of cellphones, Wi-Fi and personal electronic devices results from voluntary choices (excluding secondhand effects), smart meters, by contrast, which emit radiation and gather detailed information, are mandatory.

Opting out of utility smart meters, for which one must pay a punitive or extortive fee, is not protective for those with acute sensitivities to radiofrequency and electromagnetic waves unless you live several hundred yards from your neighbor’s meter. While phones and devices can be turned off, meters in Maine transmit 9,000 to 170,000 times per day, 24/7. One should not have to pay to avoid actual or threat of harm.

One reason that many people who aren’t made ill by other wireless devices are becoming sick from smart meter exposure is that meters, essentially plugged into the back of your breaker box, radiate transmissions on home wiring, all of the time. This exposes the whole body, and everyone in the home, nonstop. Mainers’ lives are being destroyed right now by noncancer effects of smart meter-induced radiofrequency radiation.

Below are well-documented problems associated with smart meters. Reliable independent and government-published findings on all topics are available via the Web.

 Warrantless collection of detailed data.

 Taking of property without compensation.

 Mandatory exposure to radiofrequency radiation from one’s own and neighbors’ meters.

 Increased risk of fire from devices.

 Discrimination against those with acute sensitivities to radiofrequency waves.


Everything electrical in your home has a distinct electronic fingerprint. Smart meters collect all specific electrical use data from the home: when you open the refrigerator, turn on the TV, take a shower, etc. Detailed information can be determined from these data, including when you are home, how many people are there and what you are doing at any given time.

Right now, whether or not these data are separated from the aggregate, shared or sold is in the hands of your utility while third-party marketing firms clamor for it and law enforcement can request it without your knowledge or permission.

Think of your smart meter as a video camera recording activity in each room, but in a different medium than film. This should alarm everyone concerned with intrusive government and upholding our Constitution.

Upward of 20,000 peer-reviewed publications demonstrate adverse biological effects from low-level radiofrequency exposure. Impacts are not limited to humans but affect plants and wildlife as well.

A well-written report by India’s Ministry of the Environment and Forest on cell towers’ impacts on wildlife, birds and bees reviewed over 900 scientific publications and notes that electromagnetic waves interfere with biological systems in multiple ways. Imagine your Thanksgiving dinner without pollinators. It would look pretty much like an empty plate.

Given the exposure of humans, plants and wildlife worldwide to radiofrequency waves – including the upcoming (and climate-changing) radiofrequency barrage from space, courtesy of Google, Facebook, SpaceX and others – unchecked wireless proliferation becomes a human rights issue of epic proportions and a violation of all 10 points of the Nuremburg Code of research ethics principles.

Don’t expect help from the government. Columnist Schauffler rightly points out the well-known bias found in Federal Communications Commission guidelines. In fact, the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard recently released a report: “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates.” Unfortunately, the same can be said for the Maine Public Utilities Commission and pretty much all of its sister agencies around the country.

Lack of adequate regulation and enforcement is consistently driven by the influence of money in politics and, at the base level, by human and corporate greed. As Walt Kelly, creator of the “Pogo” comic strip, aptly noted many years ago: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

— Special to the Press Herald

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