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23 February 2016

Ontario Bill 161- Elimination of Ground Current Pollution


Thanks to all of you who attended the reading of the Elimination of Ground Current Pollution (Bill 161) presented to the Legislative Assembly by Rick Nicholls,  PC Critic for Community Safety.  Thanks also to those who contacted their local MPPs.

Bill 161 passed its second reading with unanimous support from all three parties.  

Several MPPs from all three parties addressed this Bill.  Many were in the House 10 years ago, when Maria Van Bommel presented a similar Bill.  They asked why little to nothing had been done regarding this serious problem.

Rick did an excellent job.  His presentation is provided below.  About 30 plus farmers came from different parts of Ontario.  “Ontario Farmer” covered the passing of this Bill so wait for the next issue.

Lee Montgomery attended the reading as he did 10 years ago.   It is now 44 years that he has been fighting this injustice.  One tough little guy who just doesn’t know how to call it quits.  He has been an inspiration to many of us who want the government to do the right thing and put current back onto the wire where it belongs.

The speeches from MPPs were inspiring and many commented on the importance of farming and the farm family in Ontario.  You should be able to view this debate tomorrow, Feb 19  (check your local TV listing).

It has been a long, very long, uphill battle and the battle is far from over.  The Bill now goes to Committee and it will depend on the government as to how quickly Bill 161 will be dealt with.

I do believe this government is committed to doing the right thing but they will be met with opposition from Hydro One and the other electricity providers.  The solution to the ground current problem, if generated off farm, will be expensive.  Distribution poles and especially the neutral conductor need to be updated in areas where load exceeds capacity of the neutral to return the current to source.

The government has two years to determine how to implement Bill 161 and that implementation has to be completed within 10 years.  Hopefully some of the more severely affected regions of Ontario will get immediate attention so that livestock and farmers need no longer suffer the consequence of ground current pollution.

Once again a hardy thanks to all of you for your interest and your help.  A special thanks to Rick Nicholls who has been working on this issue for the past 4 years.  We need more MPPs like Rick, who are working to make Ontario a healthier place to live.



Reference: “.  Distribution poles and especially the neutral conductor need to be updated in areas where load exceeds capacity of the neutral to return the current to source.”

The above is an incorrect statement and is not the source of the problem nor is it the solution to the problem.

The problem:  The problem is the multi-grounded neutral system which has the neutral return current conductor connected to the earth at least four times per mile and at every pole mounted transformer placing the earth in parallel with the neutral conductor.  This allows the neutral return current to take all paths:  return neutral current returning on the neutral conductor and returning over the earth also as the earth is an electrical conductor.  The earth and the return neutral conductor are parallel electrical paths and each can transmit the return neutral current back to the source substation transformer and in doing so can harm animals, that is, humans and dairy cows and pigs.

The solution:  Leave the present neutral conductor and the multi-connections of the neutral to earth in place and referred to it as the electrical safety conductor (the green wire or third pole of the receptacle just like what is used in your home, commercial and industrial facilities) which will allow fault current from a live phase conductor that falls to the earth to return the short circuit current directly back to the substation transformer allowing the protective device to operate and when the protective device operates the fault current will stop flowing.

Install a new neutral return conductor that is connected only to the pole mounted (or pad mounted or underground) transformers’ neutral bushing.  The phase conductor is connected to the other bushing of the pole mounted transformer as it is presently; this new neutral conductor will allow ALL the neutral return current to flow unimpeded without using the earth back to the source substation transformer.  With all of the return neutral current contained in a neutral conductor insulated and isolated from earth, there will be no stray voltage (incorrect term) or stray current (correct term) flowing over the earth to harm any animal; human, dairy cows, pigs.

Donald W. Zipse, P.E.   58 Years IEEE Member 48 Years IEEE-IAS Member (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Industrial Applications Society) 33 Years NESC Panel #2 Member (National Electrical Safety Code, electrical utility code for US) 36 years NFPA – NEC Panel Member (similar to the Canadian Electrical Code) IEEE Life Fellow (highest membership grade, cannot apply, must be nominated, only one in 1000 elevated)

PresidentELECTRICAL FORENSIC, LLC PO Box 7052 Wilmington  DE  19803-0052 Voice:     610-358-1462


Thank you Donald W.  Zipse,

We are pleased with your pertinent and explanatory advisement and with the forensic observation with regards to the multiground situation in North America and in the proposed solution, especially where it appertains to primary distribution in the rural setting.

This advice concurs with our nationwide findings for the multi-year Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)  research study on electromagnetic fields in Canadian housing in the 1990s, which involved several dozen multi-disciplinary experts from around the globe – scientists, engineers and other professionals.

The Ontario Legislative Assembly bill should take such advice seriously, as we also continue to observe nefarious situations / and remediation in our surveys.

Dr. Andrew Michrowski

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.

100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001

Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8



Urgent Response Needed

A good reporter could lose her job here… due to organized telecom mafia responses…please weigh in…

In response to the independent investigative program Catalyst that aired a feature detailing growing scientific concerns about wi-fi and mobile phones, telecom industry sponsored scientists have submitted a flurry of dismissive comments that endanger the capacity of the press to report on such matters.  Currently, responses are overwhelmingly negative to this program.  These negative responses need to be objected to in the strongest possible terms by those who can provide links to scientific studies that refute those positions.



basically these need to go to the program website, fb page, Sydney Morning Herald and another site..


Sometimes Asking Questions Provides You With Answers That May Be Uncomfortable

Reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi fights back against the critics.


I just posted  the following to the ABC website:

With the well coordinated attack on the Catalyst program Wi-Fried, masterminded by the ‘hidden hand’ of the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC), it comes with no surprise that the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) is one of their supporters. The Science Media Centre (SMC) model of ‘science communication’, now established in an increasing number of countries, including Australia – all work under a “unified charter”. Necessary reading here is “Science Media Centre” by SourceWatch. Its called spin…..

Also see my blog posting and click on the Sourcewatch link. Interesting reading.


Don Maisch


Judge John Deed – Silent Killer

British judicial TV drama series.  In this episode Judge Deed hears a case in which a phone mast is blamed for several illnesses.  This video is just over an hour in length and the video quality is poor but it is a very interesting case study.




Book – What Cost Convenience? 

How wireless technologies can make you ill.

In less than 40 pages “What Cost Convenience? How wireless technologies can make you ill” summarises this issue in a direct and easily read way.

EMR Health NZ Ltd is based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  This company was set up to raise awareness of healthy vs harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The new book is available now by following this link:




Cellular Meters – a new danger

BC Hydro just announced plans to remove 88,000 meters suspected of failure.

People need to know that ITRON, and I suspect the other companies are removing those 88,000 smart meters, but many are being replaced with the new cellular meters that are communicating via 4G LTE transmitters, straight to cell towers, skipping the collectors.

These are using licensed frequencies, thereby making our homes federally regulated sites (how is this allowed?).



On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Smart Meter Education Network <smartmetereducationnetwork@gmail.com> wrote:

My friend who helped me found this group has just moved to rural Ontario. They have one of those “meters that doesn’t transmit” due to the long distances. She has been experiencing heart problems since moving there one month ago. She called the electric company. They said the meters are still transmitting and that the RF cannot be disabled.


Smart meters can cause health problems

After the installation of the Smart Meter she started experiencing more frequent and intense migraines. Finally, in 2013 I started keeping accurate track of her migraines – 55 in 2013 (up to nine in one month), 47 in 2014 (up to six in one month) and 13 in the first four months of 2015 (up to six in one month). We had the Smart Meter removed on May 6, 2015. Since then she experiences about one migraine a month — back to her experience before the Smart Meter was installed in 2010.



Musk Wants to Create Global Wifi in Order to Fund a City on Mars    “The visionary inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled his plan not only to launch a fleet of satellites to provide wireless internet that can be accessed anywhere on earth, but also to use the proceeds to build a city on Mars.


A city on Mars?   So we have somewhere to go when microwave radiation has destroyed all life on this planet?


It sounds more like an alien plan from a grade b movie, except it appears to be real!


Jenny Fry, Teen Wi-Fi Suicide

A shocking story of School Board Incompetence and Negligence

Mom Debra Fry is interviewed.



Idiots running the School Board?

Electro Hyper Sensitive teacher to be fired for insubordination

Two years ago, McDonald, who has taught in North Kingstown for eight years, had advocated to halt Wi-Fi installation in the district’s schools, offering studies, testimony and literature relating to the alleged dangers of Wi-Fi to humans.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, McDonald, who was diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, said she began having problems around 18 months ago, experiencing sinus pressure and pain that turns into migraines, at times. When she is in areas with Wi-Fi, she finds it difficult to think, McDonald said, among other issues.

“It slows down my thinking,” she said. “It makes me confused and dizzy.”




TEDx Talk: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”

On February 6th, Jeromy Johnson, an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, was featured as a speaker at the TEDxBerkeley event for 2016.  The title of the presentation was “Wireless Wake-Up Call.”




French consumers, town halls resist ERDF smart meters

French power grid ERDF, an EDF subsidiary, is facing opposition to its Linky smart meter project, reports Le Figaro. The project calls for all 35 million of the country’s electricity meters to be replaced by 2021 at a cost of EUR 5 billion. Some opponents are concerned that remote readings will result in higher bills, others worry about privacy, and yet others fear negative health consequences of electromagnetic emissions



Health Concerns of Wi-Fi Exposure in Schools

Excellent news segment on the dangers of wireless technology used at Maryland County Public Schools.


Rhode Island math teacher speaks to the board of education on concerns of Wi-Fi, advocating for her students and teachers, talking about penetration of the blood-brain barrier by electromagnetic radiation.  Neurological symptoms experienced by herself, other teachers and students.


Same teacher talks about wireless concerns again at the board of education meeting, stating that Wi-Fi in her classroom is 48 times higher than it is when she is standing across the street from a cell tower, and that these levels are too high for the classroom.




Project Loon: Google balloon that beams down internet reaches Sri Lanka



Wreckage of Google Wi-Fi Balloon Found in Sri Lanka

Workers at a Sri Lanka tea plantation on Feb. 17 found wreckage of a Google “Project Loon” Wi-Fi high-altitude balloon. It was the maiden flight of the controversial project that would bring Wi-Fi to remote areas.




ONZO Announces Major Enhancements to Customer Insights Data Analytics Solution

Remember when electrical utility companies solemnly stated their “smart” meters could not spy on you?

Check out this press release from a company called ONZO.

They are bragging about how well they can spy on you.




Frustrations boil over at PUD meeting

“With all due respect, sir, you’re insulting our intelligence!” yelled one woman. “My bill went from $220 every two months to $506 for one month. The fuzzy math doesn’t work.”




ES Radio Interviews

ES-UK has been contacted to help source a possible list of interviewees for a short radio interview in each British region on ES.

The interviews will take place on  a live local radio phone in, pre-arranged from your chsoen phone number, during the middle of April. For example, if you live in Dorset, you will participate on the local radio station in the South western region.  It is hoped that we generate a dozen or so regional case studies and that the phone interviews will be broadcast during the same week.  Hopefully you will help make this a local but national ES awareness building project. If you would be happy to participate please email me back or ask a friend to drop me a line.  The focus will be on health challenges, lack of medical supervision, inability to work or socialise and lack of prospects either professionally or within the NHS for good medical or dentistry care and finally how have ES symptoms affect your life.

Once we know that you are interested, you will be linked up with the radio project presenter and your story will remain confidential. We are hoping that this level of due care will reassure you that the enquiry is valid and that it will be handled in a sensitive fashion.

ES-UK is supporting the project and helping make the radio work as stirring as is possible among listeners to raise awareness and help as many of us as is possible. Many of the listeners will not be aware of health effects linked to and triggered by EMFs.  We would sincerely appreciate as many of you becoming linked to this project as is possible.
If you can give this some thought it would be very much appreciated.
Kind regards Sarah Dacre, ES-UK sarah.dacre@gmail.com

You may add this to your Face book page and any other social media to ensure a wide pick up


Schools, Unions and PTA Actions

Schools, teachers and parents are taking action to ensure a healthy school environment for students and a healthy work environment for students and staff. See below a list of schools that have removed wireless networks or taken action to reduce exposure to children. We also have a list of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations that have issued statements, enacted policy and are calling for safe technology in schools.



Privacy Fears Spur Smart-Meter Opt-Out

Privacy Fears Spur Smart-Meter Opt-Out

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome

smart meters

Several states are moving to give consumers the choice to opt out of installing smart meters at home due to concerns raised by privacy activists.

“According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 15 states allow customers to opt out of smart meter installation, although many — among them Florida, where [customers are charged] a $13-1-month fee — permit utility companies to impose a fee on customers who don’t want the meters,” FlaglerLive reported.

“This year, lawmakers in Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas are expected to consider bills that would allow consumers to keep their existing analog meters; require customers to opt in to smart meter programs; or allow them to refuse the devices, sometimes at no cost,” the report said.

Smart grid advocates say that concerns about smart meters are misplaced. Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative is among these proponents.

Patty Durand, the group’s director, “said utility companies have had no data breaches, and though she expects they will eventually, she says consumers are at very little risk because the meters aren’t transmitting personal financial information such as credit card numbers,” according to the report.

Experts have a clear-cut perspective on smart meters: “To be blunt, many of the concerns and fears over smart meters are downright farcical,” Wall Street Daily reported, proceeding to debunk some far-fetched and inaccurate perceptions about smart meters.

One inaccurate perception among some smart meter opponents is that they make people sick.

“It’s entirely baseless. However, it’s not uncommon for such fears to accompany new technologies. Remember when cellphones were supposed to give you brain cancer? They didn’t — and they don’t,” Daily explained.

A second misconception is that smart meters could pose a threat to wildlife, according to the article. “Another claim that’s devoid of evidence,” the report said.

A final myth debunked: Some smart meter opponents believe the devices infringe on their civil liberties, but in fact, the opposite is true.

“Smart meters can actually increase your privacy. Under the old system, whenever a utility employee walks onto your property to take a reading, you can’t stop him. How’s that for an invasion of privacy? With smart meters, human readers become unnecessary and utilities won’t be on your property unless there’s a malfunction,” the report said.

For more of the latest news on automated metering, visit Water Online’s AMR, AMI And Metering Solutions Center.


Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 Rural ‘Smart’ Meters: Is Big Energy Imploding?

Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 Rural ‘Smart’ Meters: Is Big Energy Imploding?

Image via Collective Evolution
Physicians Local ad

Last night I watched The Big Short — maybe the most important Hollywood film in years. This true story is a powerful and eloquent invitation to wake up to the sheer depravity at the core of the system of commerce.

The fact that the film got nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture is a huge sign that there are way more people waking up than we ever thought. The wrongs may not be getting righted as quickly as we’d like, but it is happening.

The reality of this shift is clearly evidenced by this news last week from Ontario. After years of obvious problems, Hydro One finally admitted that rural ‘smart’ meters do not work, and has decided to pull the plug on 36,000 of them — to startWe will see more utilities begin to do likewise. [UPDATE: BC Hydro just announced plans to remove 88,000 meters suspected of failure.]

Costing ratepayers billions, smart meters are actually designed to unlawfully harvest detailed data of the in-home activities of occupants without their knowledge or consent.

As reported by the National Post:

“Astonishing,” was the reaction from Lanark-area MPP Randy Hillier, who has been deluged with complaints about Hydro One billing and smart-meter suspicions.

“I’ve been banging my head against the wall for the last five years, saying we’ve got problems with smart meters in rural Ontario.” Since first being elected in 2007, no single issue has attracted as much attention in his riding, he said.

For the purpose of clarification: at this time Hydro One is not planning to uninstall smart meters and replace with analogs — but rather to manually read rural customers’ meters quarterly, and estimate the months in between, because the wireless reporting is simply not working.

More than 10,000 billing complaints have been filed with the Ontario Ombudsman, and the Auditor General of Ontario released a scathing report, calling out the smart metering program as a total flop.

Hydro One was the first major utility in Canada to deploy so-called ‘smart’ meters upon an unsuspecting customer base. The price tag for rollout, paid for by the people of Ontario, was $2 billion — which was $900M over budget.

Go Green, or Go Greed?

For those new to this topic, here’s the skinny. Smart utility meters are being deployed worldwide under the banner of climate action. But they typically increase energy usage, and a high-level industry executive has admitted that the data collected by the surreptitious devices will be worth “a lot more” than the electricity itself.

Portland State University recently published a brilliant report on the morally-bankrupt surveillance agenda behind smart meters. The industry-gutting report is titled “The Neoliberal Politics of ‘Smart’: Electricity Consumption, Household Monitoring, and the Enterprise Form,” and excerpts can be read at Smart Grid Awareness here.

Customers are not being informed how their constitutional rights are being violated for the purposes of a for-profit home surveillance network. Nor how this technology has caused thousands of fires which have resulted in several deaths. Nor how our bodies are being affected by pulsed microwave radiation exponentially stronger than cell phones, as shown in Take Back Your Power.

If there wasn’t an avalanche of facts to back all of this up, it might sound too unbelievable to be true. But we live in strange times.

We Can Handle The Truth