Children are starving to death in America while we allow Pork Belly Spending!

I have been entertained by both, Republican and Democratic debates. One thing that drives me crazy is the question repeatedly asked, “Where are we going to get the money to fund the various programs for the middle class? They talk about taxing the very rich, but they never bring up the wasteful, illogical spending of programs referred to “Pork Belly” spending”.  Here are some examples of the insane programs allowed by our corrupt government.  I would love to see Hillary and Bernie spend time in a debate discussing this insanity.  Bernie did bring up the Military Black Budget that is exempt of audits.  So our tax money IS NOT accountable when it comes to military spending!!! This should be illegal.  Why do we allow this bullshit.  Reallocation of wasteful programs will produce the money the middle class deserves to improve the quality of our lives.  This is not rocket science.  No decent accountant would advise a business owner to allow this kind of senseless spending and expect to stay in the black.  We are trillions of dollars in debt and to allow this to go on is yet another puzzling question we ask our government….Sandaura


Senator’s “Wastebook” has everything that will fit in a pork barrel

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