Citing health concerns, some NC utility customers say no to smart meters

Citing health concerns, some NC utility customers say no to smart meters

Duke Energy to propose extra fee to NC customers who refuse to take a smart meter at home

Some believe radio frequencies cause neurological damage, cancer and other serious side effects

Utilities and regulators around the country are facing oppostion to smart meters

The women who can’t sleep in their own homes

From John Weigel, Ireland EMF UPDATES

The women who can’t sleep in their own homes

Photo cutline: Since December the woman from Toulon lives a Calvary. The new meters installed in her block of apartments started her intolerable symptoms and she does not live at home any more.

Friday 5 February 2016

Electrosensitives, they live assailed by the waves

In the street, since the arrival of the meters

“I can live with the antenna relays. I’m also able for 4G but not that (meter) technology.”

 Sometime it is as if her head is gripped in a vice. Other times it’s an inflamatory sensation in the throat and lungs. An electric shock or intolerable headaches. “It’s clear right from Dec. 7 I started not feeling well. Since Dec. 9 I do not sleep at home anymore.”

 Although she has her own apartment, Annie, from Toulon, only calls to the apartment occasionally. “I plan what I am going to do before going back home. Sometimes I stay there 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour. I do the minimum.”

 December 9 is the date of the end of the installation (of the Linky / ERDF meters) in her apartment building. in the Claret district in Toulon (Var 83).

 These are amongst the first to be installed in the Var department in the Alpes-Cote d’Azur region.
According to Annie it is the CPL (power line) technology that is responsible for her problems – sudden and out of the blue. She did not describe herself as an electrosensitive person which is a term for people whose bodies are affected by electromagnetic waves. “I have no problems with the relays for telephones or 4G. It absolutely is the meters and this technology that triggers the symptoms. I’m absolutely certain of it.”

 Since then Annie sent a registered letter to ERDF  (Electricité Réseau Distribution France which is the concession holder of a grid owned by local authorities) with testimony from her doctor which certifies that since the installation of the Link meters she experiences difficulties in moving about as well as dryness of the mucous membrane of the throat. He concluded that it is necessary to put the old meter back.

According to the Precautionary Principle, Annie sent a registered letter to ERDF refusing the meter but in immediate vicinity about 60 meters were installed, not counting the adjoining building which is equipped as well. “This has aggravated the situation,” she observed.

Annie is a municipal employee at the city hall in Toulon. She has been reduced to sleeping at friends’ houses here or there. She described herself as an SDF which means no fixed address or “homeless”. “My life is a hell. The radio frequencies have no borders. In the evening I eat in a bus shelter in the middle of Winter. I live from day to day. I keep trying to fight.”

Her last hope is to appeal to the elected representatives because the electric meters are owned by the community and are only leased through ERDF. The municipalities have the power to refuse the yellow boxes, provided they vote in the city council.

That is the action taken by nine communes (small towns or villages) such as Lieuche in the Mercacantour, Alpes-Maritimes region which all cite the Precautionary Principle regarding the health of their inhabitants.

Note: The first Linky meter was installed Dec. 1, 2015.