Wed., Feb. 3, 2016
Health Angle Barred at NYU Wi-Fi Kiosk Talk


The dangers of excessive Wi-Fi radiation will not be among the topics discussed when Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff talks Feb. 10 about the ongoing installation of 7,500 high-powered Wi-Fi kiosks in New York City.

Fry Our Brains As We Walk

Critics of the installations say the “corporatese” expressed above masks what is being done—“frying the brains and bodies of people walking by these radiation-emitters.”

Truly educational programs, they say, include the six-part series on radiation dangers conducted by the Ashland, Mass., library from Oct. 8, 2015 to Feb. 11, 2016 and the Feb. 16 program to be conducted by Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director, Center for Family and Community Health at University of California Berkeley School of Public Health.

“In May of 2015,” says the program, “more than 200 scientists signed an appeal which was then submitted to the United Nations WHO and UN member states. These scientists have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation, part of the EMF spectrum that includes Extremely Low Frequency Fields (EMF) used for electricity, or Radio Frequency (RFR) used for wireless communications.

“The International EMF Scientist Appeal calls for the UN, WHO, UNEP and UN member states to address the emerging public health crisis related to cellphones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods.”

Alternatives such as wired devices are being urged that would “substantially lower human exposures to non-ionizing radiation.” is distributing cards that warn of the dangers of Wi-Fi and other radiation.

Public Health Warning

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