2016 4th Edition Stop Smart Meters! Brochures Now Available

2016 4th Edition Stop Smart Meters! Brochures Now Available

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.01.42 AMFeb. 1st, 2016: StopSmartMeters.org has published the 2016 fourth edition (pdf) of our popular and educational smart meter awareness color brochures.

“Smart” meters are ticking time bombs; the smoking gun that has woken up millions of people to the health risks from wireless technology.

The cover of the brochure has been revised to present these hazards, as well as privacy violations, fire risks, cyber security and inflated costs.

You told us you wanted a brochure that was more visually representative of the problems with smart meters and specific about the difference between analog and digital. We feel we’ve achieved both aims, and can’t wait to get thousands more of these into people’s hands. Pick up a batch from the Stop Smart Meters! Online Store to hand out to your neighbors, today.

What’s new in the fourth edition:

  • A totally revised front cover, visually blunt and to-the-point about the inherent risks of smart meter technology
  • New graphic showing difference Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.58.36 AMbetween “smart” and analog and detailed description of the types of “smart” meters (AMI, AMR, PLC, etc…)
  • Revised, basic action (to do) items
  • Revised “Path of Your Privacy” diagram, as well as updated sections on health and fire risks.


Copies are now available for purchase in the Stop Smart Meters! online store. Download the pdf here, image files are below.

To Read full post go to:  http://www.stopsmartmeters.org

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