Smart Meters Have Mind Control Capabilites (Declassified army documents)

Smart Meters Have Mind Control Capabilites (Declassified army documents)

Smart Grid Pollution Must Be Stopped

We need to find our voice!  We need to be accountable for the condition of our world because nothing else is an accurate reference.  Unless we are living in truth; we are not living a reality that is based in this root.  Anything less, we see our current reality of decisions influenced by corrupt power.  It is a cancer we must eradicated or nothing will ever change.  Bernie Sanders is speaking the truth, but he is only one person.

It is not a mistake that we are all facing a government who has failed us in every way.  We all need to do a reality check in order to take back our freedoms.  The so-called controllers or the powers who live in the shadows. They are miserable humans.  They are lonely suffering individuals who cannot escape the poison in their souls. They must live every day in terror and that trickles down to their relations and daily existence.  It must wreak of terror, in that, this could be the day they are exposed or consider ineffective by their peers.  They will never live a free life.  They will never have what we have in our hearts and souls.  They are perpetually prisoners of their own emotional and morally bankrupt conscience and, if ever, deciding to the truth will be fatal. 

Sifting through the muck and mire of liars and those telling the truth is not an easy burden, but it is a necessary one in order to realize we have no other purpose that is more relevant for our  growth as humans and our journey of evolving as a race on this planet…..Sandaura

Legislator Introduces Smart Meter Privacy Bill Aimed At Protecting Consumers

Legislator Introduces Smart Meter Privacy Bill Aimed At Protecting Consumers

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Smart technology has revolutionized so many parts of our everyday lives.

But some are asking if smart meters, which are mandated to replace all electric meters in Pennsylvania over the next 15 years, go too far.

First Energy’s Aaron Ruegg says in the long run smart meters will provide consumers detailed information about electrical use, and make you “able to better understand electricity use.

Also, Ruegg says, “They can make more informed decisions on how to manage and control their electricity consumption in the future.”

But State Rep. Mike Reese, of Mt. Pleasant, is concerned that the detailed information about what goes on inside a person’s home as it’s revealed by electrical use could be sold to marketing companies or others.

Rep. Reese says, “I think it’s important to get on the books right now that that information is private. It’s the individual consumer’s information and it should not be given out to a third party without their consent.”

So, the Republican from eastern Westmoreland County has introduced a Smart Meter Privacy bill.

Duquesne Light and First Energy have almost identical policies when it comes to how your usage information is handled.

First Energy’s Ruegg put it this way, “We do not sell any information about customers to third parties, and we don’t disclose a customer’s information without prior consent to anyone unless it’s required by law through a subpoena or a court order or regulatory agency.”

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Rep. Reese says a lot can change with technology in ways we can’t even imagine. While he applauds the utility companies’ policies, he wants to see that privacy backed up by law.

“I think it’s important to put it in statute, that way it’s rock solid, and in the future, this won’t ever occur,” he said.

A similar bill passed the state house last year but failed to reach a vote in the senate. House leaders have already pledged to bring it to a vote again and Rep Reese is optimistic it will be passed in the Senate.

Legislator Introduces Smart Meter Privacy Bill Aimed At Protecting Consumers