Jenny Fry 15, found hanged after developing an allergic reaction to the WiFi

You can listen to the interview on “Boil The Frog” at:

Jenny Fry 15, found hanged after developing an allergic reaction to the WiFi at her school. Today her mother, Debra Fry shares the story.


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I heard Debra Fry talk on another radio station a while ago and the commentator tried hard to make her cry, she was a real bully.  But Debra was awesome and got her point across, I can’t wait to hear her your interview.  She is very brave putting herself out there when people are so ruthless.  I saw a video about EHS and children by Dr. Erica Blythe where she dedicated her video to the memory of Jennifer Fry.

We have been waiting since Sept for a ruling by the Tribunal on whether we are going to move forward with a hearing on our discrimination complaint.  Of course the school board wants it dismissed on the basis it has taken too long.  And we can’t get any legal help because even though our case has merit they say they don’t have the funding and the case is going to take too long.  So not only has he been denied accommodation but now he has been denied legal representation. 

We just got a letter yesterday and they want the two mothers, the School Districts Lawyer and the Tribunal Member to talk on the phone to make some decisions.  We wrote back and asked that everything be put in writing.  We are being setup for something.  We were expecting a yes or no answer.  

Meanwhile poor Tyler who is now in middle school where they say there is only 25% wi-fi coverage.  They lied!  Tyler was so sick by Sept 11.  I had to pick him up at school and he had a severe headache and no amount of Tylenol or Advice would relieve the pain.  He started vomiting about three hours later and again four hours later.  it was finally gone after 8 hours.  It’s the same routine each time.

They have now put him in a room downstairs by himself away from all the other kids because they only have two rooms in the school with no Wifi. He has a hardwired computer and the principal checks in on him in the mornings.  He doesn’t go out for recess or lunchtime anymore because he can’t find any of his friends!  He is 11 years old! This is unbelievable!

If we are refused a hearing we are going viral, anyone interested in the story can contact me.  Just waiting to see what happens


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