Senator Downing,Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy Retiring


Bah Bye, Downing…good riddance!  Price Chopper is hiring Bag boys.  You have been a major disappointment in Berkshire County, MA.  You tout yourself as a green energy proponent, but have no idea what that really means.  Your positions on wind turbines, and smart meter technology proves you are just another lacky working for Corp America.

When we approached you in 2008 for help regarding the noise pollution in Berkshire County caused by the smart meter infrastructure; you washed your hands of the problem sending a letter stating you had no authority to do anything and included a link to  Wow!

You were the head of the energy committee; pivotal to the roll out of the smart grid technology.  There was and still is public opposition to smart meters.  Halt Smart Meters represented at the State Hearing and a Public Comment session by the DPU.  We presented mountains of evidence scientific evidence and testimonials proving the harm the Pulsed Radio waves are a health hazard.  I personally, testified in front of you, while you sat there distracted by your intern/assistant.  You were actually laughing while I was in the middle of my testimony.  You never asked one question to any of the victims who struggle daily with the high radiation levels in our air.  There was no discussion or dialogue initiated by you.  It was obvious, you couldn’t wait until the 8 hours was over.  Some of us drove hours on one of the hottest days of the year to sit in a court room with high EMF levels to tell the truth about the dangers of this technology you tout as green!!!….If I had it to do over, I would have stopped presentation and ask, “What do you find so funny in the context of this serious issue I am discussing.  The noise pollution, which is in the form of “illegal pure tones” is a crime, not a comedic relief, as it appeared it was for you…..Sandaura

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2011

Clip from State Senator Ben Downing’s first online town hall. He accepted only one question regarding the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act (WESRA) which, if passed, will strip control from local communities and municipalities and open the flood gates to a rash of industrial wind turbine developments in Berkshire County. WESRA is a machine custom-built for the wind developers who are receiving huge windfall profits through subsidies and tax credits. The Deval/Downing goal of 2000MW of wind power is only achievable through this legislation. It is important to note that Downing did not directly answer Michelle’s question — he gave a political speech.


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