Tell the UK gov’t why they need to halt the smart meter programme once and for all.

From: Take Back Your Power Date: Jan 26, 2016 2:13:01 PM Subject: Big news from UK – and how you can help (from anywhere)   

I wanted to quickly share this with you, from my friend across the pond, Mike Mitcham of StopSmartMeters! (UK).
It’s been a bad start to the year for the spin doctors at Smart Energy GB, with smart meters getting some well-deserved negative press (scroll down for the backstory).
Now, the UK Science and Technology Committee has launched a smart meter ‘evidence check’, and is asking for input from experts and public, until Friday.
So let’s respectfully but firmly tell the UK gov’t why they need to halt the smart meter programme once and for all. The deadline for comment is January 29 (this Friday).
Please take this 2-minute action, from any country: Here’s the link
Onward, Josh del Sol
* * *
The backstory in the UK – January news: Warning over a ‘ghastly mess’ in £11bn plan for smart meters – The Times “The Department of Energy and Climate Change has devised by far the most complex rollout in the world” “60 per cent of households with the meters were not using them only a year after installation.”
Not So Smart – The government should listen to criticism of its latest IT plan before it is too late – The Times “It is sensible to worry now.”
Could smart meters be used to spy on your home? Devices could be used to create ‘honeypot’ of data to sell onto marketing companies, privacy campaigners warn – Mail Online “Marketing firms are hoping to turn the information [smart meters] provide in to a steady stream of cash.”
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