Manual Meter Reading Fee For Those Lacking “Smart Meters” Approved in Bay City

People are penalized for not wanting a microwave radiating smart meter on their home.  Families, now, do not have the right to protect their families; instead we are penalized and they continue to make blood money off this criminal activity; while Americans sit back.  Here is an excerpt from the movie,”Idiocracy”,  which has become a self fulfilling prophesy:  Narrator: As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.


Manual Meter Reading Fee For Those Lacking “Smart Meters” Approved in Bay City

An ordinance amendment putting in place a $9.00 charge for manually reading meters of Bay City residents who have not switched over to remotely read “smart meters” has been approved by City Commissioners.

City Manager Rick Finn said the nearly 600 people who have not had a “smart meter” installed yet will be contacted before March 1st about the fee going into effect at that time. Finn explained they’ll have the opportunity to make an appointment to put in a new meter and avoid paying the fee.

Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 Rural ‘Smart’ Meters: Is Big Energy Imploding?

Ontario Pulls Plug on 36,000 Rural ‘Smart’ Meters: Is Big Energy Imploding?


Last night I watched The Big Short — maybe the most important Hollywood film in years. This true story is a powerful and eloquent invitation to wake up to the sheer depravity at the core of the system of commerce.

The fact that the film got nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture is a huge sign that there are way more people waking up than we ever thought. The wrongs may not be getting righted as quickly as we’d like, but it is happening.

The reality of this shift is clearly evidenced by this news last week from Ontario. After years of obvious problems, Hydro One finally admitted that rural ‘smart’ meters do not work, and has decided to pull the plug on 36,000 of them — to start. We will see more utilities begin to do likewise. [UPDATE: BC Hydro just announced plans to remove 88,000 meters suspected of failure.]

Costing ratepayers billions, smart meters are actually designed to unlawfully harvest detailed data of the in-home activities of occupants without their knowledge or consent

As reported by the National Post:

“Astonishing,” was the reaction from Lanark-area MPP Randy Hillier, who has been deluged with complaints about Hydro One billing and smart-meter suspicions.

“I’ve been banging my head against the wall for the last five years, saying we’ve got problems with smart meters in rural Ontario.” Since first being elected in 2007, no single issue has attracted as much attention in his riding, he said.

This comes after more than 10,000 complaints to the Ontario Ombudsman, and a scathing report from the Auditor General of Ontario, calling out the smart metering program as a total flop.

Hydro One was the first major utility in Canada to deploy so-called ‘smart’ meters upon an unsuspecting customer base. The price tag for rollout, paid for by the people of Ontario, was $2 billion — which was $900M over budget.

Go Green, or Go Greed?

For those new to this topic, here’s the skinny. Smart utility meters are being deployed worldwide under the banner of climate action. But they typically increase energy usage, and a high-level industry executive has admitted that the data collected by the surreptitious devices will be worth “a lot more” than the electricity itself.

Portland State University recently published a brilliant report on the morally-bankrupt surveillance agenda behind smart meters. The industry-gutting report is titled “The Neoliberal Politics of ‘Smart’: Electricity Consumption, Household Monitoring, and the Enterprise Form,” and excerpts can be read at Smart Grid Awareness here.

Customers are not being informed how their constitutional rights are being violated for the purposes of a for-profit home surveillance network. Nor how this technology has caused thousands of fires which have resulted in several deaths. Nor how our bodies are being affected by pulsed microwave radiation exponentially stronger than cell phones, as shown in Take Back Your Power.

If there wasn’t an avalanche of facts to back all of this up, it might sound too unbelievable to be true. But we live in strange times.

We Can Handle The Truth

Just like the banking system, the energy system has likewise become rotten to the core. To change both will require a complete overhaul and the embrace of a challenge to our comfort zone.

It is both harrowing and exciting for one to discover that there are major societal programs which are simply manufactured lies fueled by the idea of lack. That there’s not enough energy, food, resources, money. In reality, there is enough for all life to survive — and to thrive. It is provable fact that these truths have been suppressed.

Case in point: a 1971 de-classified US Army briefing actually calls for the secretization of solar technology which has greater than 20% efficiency (see page 14). This was back in 1971! And, of course, it’s in the name of national security and property interests.

Meanwhile, the energy mafia in Nevada just decreed a 40% fee hike for solar-producing customers, while reducing the amount paid for excess power sold to the grid, effectively killing the solar industry there.

There is a war on energy. When we understand the level of corruption involved, the implications are enormous. And we must act to solve this problem.

I believe that the suppression of solutions is a dam ready to burst. And I’m optimistic of our passing through this dark night successfully, as we are learning to connect and serve the higher good. There is really no other choice.

National Post – Hydro One pulling plug on 36,000 rural smart meters after years of complaints
The Province – B.C. Hydro must remove more than 88,000 smart meters
Smart Grid Awareness – ‘Smart’ Meters Represent Industrial Profiteering and Government Sanctioned Surveillance, New Study Says



Bristol hum: Council investigates mystery noise

There is nothing mysterious about the noise, any longer.  I have written in the past that the noise has always been related to the power grid, industrial or otherwise.  The reason why it goes away in localized locations is because it was fixed.  or in one case the Pilot programs they were covertly operating regarding Broadband over Power lines had to be turned off and was considered a failure because of the noise and volatility.  In this case, you have the Smart Grid, which relies on BPL/PLC, wired and wireless microwave RF pulsed signals, which is the backbone of the communication layer of the smart grid.  This is a HUGE expense to fix! They will not fix this until there are numbers of outraged citizens.  Right now, they are pissing on our complaints.  Hence, we are not exposed to ubiquitous noise and radiation on the power lines, everywhere 24/7. This noise pollution is no joke.  For those who hear this 24/7; it has ruined the quality of our lives…..Sandaura

(Watch the video at the link below)

Bristol hum: Council investigates mystery noise

  • 19 January 2016
Bristol Hum is back, according to reports. But did it go away? In 1980, the council’s environmental health team investigated.

Bristol City Council is looking into reports that a mysterious low-frequency noise which has plagued some residents of the city for decades is back.

Since New Year, social media reports have surfaced of a low pitched hum, while others in the same area cannot hear it.

Bristol City Council tried to measure the noise in April 1980 after scores of complaints, but the hum continues.

“It was definitely humming away last night,” Sheila Masey told the BBC.

Mrs Masey has lived in Staple Hill, north of Bristol, for 34 years. For the last 20 she has heard a “low rumbly hum”.

“It’s not every night, but there are certain nights when you think: ‘Crikey, here we go’.

“I wouldn’t say it wakes me up but if I can’t drop off to sleep and it happens to be there, then I’m always conscious of it.”

She had thought it might be linked to factories in Filton.

“It can get on your nerves at times but as it’s not all the time, you just accept it.”

Jake, from Downend, wrote on BBC Points West’s Facebook page: “I hear it about 80% of nights … It’s changed pitch lately, it seems like an electrical buzz… It’s the not knowing what it actually is that drives me mental.”

Complaints about low frequency noise date back to the 1970s but most people do not hear it and some are sceptical about whether it exists at all.

‘Occasionally receive complaints’

It is one of many “hums” worldwide and there have been many theories about its cause. Last year the Bristol Post reported that French researchers believed it was caused by waves vibrating on the ocean floor.

A Bristol City Council spokesman said: “We do occasionally receive complaints of hums from across the city.

“We are currently investigating to see if there is any evidence to suggest the existence of a noise problem and whether any action can be taken. ”

Lisa, from Clifton, heard the Hum at night, in 2013 and 2014, when she had her second child.

“I thought it was me because I was very ‘sinusy’,” she said, adding she was “dumbfounded” to learn it was a local phenomenon.

She described it as like a “really softly beaten giant drum”.

“It’s easy to become, for periods, a little bit obsessed with the hum. You focus on it and, in the middle of the night, you find it difficult to screen out other noises.”