Smart Meter Fight; are they winning?

It appears the old strategy the opposition is using of dismiss, distract, misinform, deflect to eventually wear down and make them go away is working.  Pathological liars never admit to their wrong doing, even when they get caught.  Their habits do not change and the outcome is what their pea brains want to believe, regardless of whether it is right or not.  The deck is stacked against us because the cogs in the wheel who are the hacks who follow orders and carry out what ensures their security of a job and paycheck has no conscience for what is the right thing to do.

There is no dialogue on either side of the political arena talking about the Smart meter technology dangers.  This is the most urgent health threat we are facing on our plant yet there is a black out in the media.  There is not an intelligent conversation other than the ones that know the truth and are fighting against smart meters.  Even if you inform the ignorant, many respond by saying good luck with your cause.  It doesn’t cross their mind that they are not immune to this danger and what is it says is, I don’t care about my children’s safety….. I would rather let someone else fight this… are against progress….the government wouldn’t do this to us if it wasn’t safe… doesn’t bother me…..

The medical profession will not recognize Electro-hypersensitivity in the USA.  People are complaining about a consistent set of symptoms, including constant ringing, drone/vibration.  Many not even aware at the time of their complaints that there is a smart meter on their home.  My family and I were ones who experienced radio wave sickness, we have coined the phrase “Smart Grid Syndrome”.  For two years when the symptoms started we sent formal letter of complaint to the Massachusetts department of Public utilities, MA Department of environmental protection, EPA, Earth Justice, FCC, MA Department of Public Health.  Local town officials, numerous newspaper articles,  emails, phone calls daily reaching out to other victims.  The conversation did not include smart meter technology at the that time because we were not aware of it until 2008 when we discovered it on our home.  So I understand what others are going through in being heard and the desperate need to be validated.  The sad thing is hearing about others having strained personal relationships because of not being believed or understood.

The corruption is one thing, but those who are what I call the accomplices are not the elite 1% responsible for the collapse of our economy, our middle class, our human and civil rights. These people, are average middle class individuals who have compromised their dignity, moral, integrity for the sake of protecting their job.  This is the highest form of treason, against humanity and what is good and right. Our America and our democracy has been stolen right under our eyes.   A side who has dismantled our democracy and freedoms for the purpose of their own gain.  How do you sleep at night?   This is the legacy you are leaving for your kids.  Is it really because you are just stupid.  I think not.   If the truth seekers can figure this out than those who are working for the other side can do so as well.  You have no excuse for supporting the culture of thinking who has no regard for human life and wellbeing.  You are disgusting, soulless,  human like beings, but not whole; and you know who you are.

Bernie Sanders is correct in focusing on the Wall Street and the culture who is controlling the decision making in Washington.  Hillary thinks it will be accomplished by evolution of what is already part of the corruption system.   I think she means well, but it is naïve thinking.  We have run out of time to turn this around.  It cannot be done without firing the employees we have voted to represent us and start anew.  These people are not doing what we want.  We are not even being heard.  Everyone is complaining about how everything is broken.  How can you fix something when the wolves guarding the hen house are our enemies?

Time to put down your “selfie stick” and get involved.  How about it?  Time to stop dumbing down and smarten up…..Sandaura




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