Canadian Appreciation Day


I have great  respect for Canadians and their fight against Smart meter and wireless technology.  In many ways I have regarded Canadians as more aware and pro active than Americans.  When I travelled across Canada in the 70’s and having the privilege of running a youth hostel in Mosquito Creek; it allowed me to observe more closely, the culture.  I was most impressed with the high levels of individualistic creativity and that there were really cool health food stores in the most remote areas of the provinces.

I  have noticed today’s activity on the blog is attracting, so far, 160 Canadians to the site.  Very curious to know what is prompting this obvious activity today?  Anyone care to comment?  It would be appreciated.

It is a reminder that we are all in this together because the Smart Meter War is Global.  We often receive emails from Canada regarding the issue…Sandaura