What a future to look forward to. Welcome to 2016.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The recent practice by utility companies to offer opt-outs from the installation of Smart Meters for electricity is a cynical sop to objectors to a flawed system.

Based on simple demographics, industry is kicking the issue down the road. As objectors die off, the smart meter system will be installed so that over time the grid will be complete. It will just take longer.

  Paying more to keep an analogue meter and paying more to replace something that is not broken solves nothing.
 Since most of us live in semis, terraced or apartment dwellings, we will still be exposed through the walls of our homes as well as outside where another layer of electrosmog will be created.
 So even if you pay to try and protect yourself, you’ll still suffer. And now we’ve got the prospect of Project Loon going world-wide.
 Anywhere between five to 15 percent of the population of the earth has been estimated to be electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS). That means that anywhere between 365 million to 1.1 billion people will be adversely affected by Project Loon worldwide. This does not include those who contract cancer without the symptoms of EHS or those who simply drop dead on the playing field.
 In Roman times, the population was afraid of the military practice of decimation where people were lined up and every 10th person was put to death. This is worse…
 What a future to look forward to. Welcome to 2016.
John Weigel

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