Urgent: Google Project Loon set to start ‘wi-frying’ the USA Jan. 1, 2016

Google scheme unfolds over Holiday Season



Urgent: Google Project Loon set to start ‘wi-frying’ the USA Jan. 1, 2016

From Mary Anne Tierney


Dear EMF Refugees:

Some of you may have already heard of Google’s plan to launch “Project Loon” in the U.S. beginning January 1st.  Some of you will be learning of this for the first time. The project is slated to cover 96.1% of the U.S. with balloons in orbit that will provide WiFi to subscribers, but will also cause WiFi to be coming from above… more challenging to avoid. This is troubling, no doubt.

Attached is the heavily-redacted, public version of Google’s application to the FCC for their license to launch this project. Given the current leadership at the FCC, we do not anticipate roadblocks with Google’s request. Google has piloted this project in locations such as New Zealand and Sri Lanka. They are seeking new subscribers for their Internet service, and several of us believe they may start in the US in more underserved areas…  more rural areas away from the more advanced networks. This is a two-year “test” — to be rolled out in phases.

We have asked the EMF experts with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology for their expertise in helping us plan appropriate shielding. They are creating a sound plan that will give us the best advice, and will consider that many of us are living on limited incomes and may be transient.  We expect this plan to become available very soon!






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