When will we all be fed up with living in the dark

It goes without saying that our society, government, culture is facing serious and systemic issues that are urgent and vital to our survival.  Bad Decisions crucial to our health and wellbeing are being made for us.  Our voices are meaningless; for there is an advancement of an agenda that does not benefit us in any way. It is killing us. The veil has been lifted and what is exposed is our governments are exposing us to technology that is lethal.  Why is this technology in our environment?  Do you question this?  If there are possible risks, why  is the government proceeding without  caution?  There are no reasonable answers to these questions so the Government lies.  We can’t see the whole picture unless you connect the dots and come to your own conclusions.

Today, there is nothing more important in our lives than protecting our future because the power structure is corrupt.   We are threatened on so many areas.  This is a silent war against humanity.  Who is our enemy?  Who is really pulling the puppet strings of politics, science, health, education, finances?  It is time to wake up citizens of our planet.  We are living in a scary times.

We are numb to the routine violence in our country.  We are responsible for 1/3 of the mass murders globally and nothing has changed in the last 20 years as a result of all these senseless slaughters.  We are a sick society whose dysfunction cannot seek middle ground among our politicians.  Again, who is in charge; certainly not the majority rules.

Watch this video:  It is time to join the truth seekers…..Sandaura


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