A Very Serious Warning 36 Years Ago-Overloading of Towns and Cities with Radio WITH cellular Transmitters


Overloading of Towns and Cities with Radio

Transmitters (Cellular Transmitter): a hazard for

the human health and a disturbance of eco-ethics

Karl Hecht, Elena N. Savoley

IRCHET International Research Centre of Healthy and Ecological Technology

Berlin – Germany

  1. A Very Serious Warning 36 Years Ago

“The electromagnetic radiations emanating for radar, television, communications systems,

microwave ovens, industrial heat-treatment systems, medical diathermy units, and many other

sources permeate the modern environment, both civilian and military.”

“Unless adequate monitoring and control based on a fundamental understanding of biological

effects are instituted in the near future, in the decades ahead, man may enter an era of energy

pollution of the environment comparable to the chemical pollution of today.”

“The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, lowlevel

exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic

effects are involved.”

These quotations are excerpts from the US government report “Program for Control of

Electromagnetic Pollution of the Environment”, which was published in December 1971. The

government report was drafted starting in December 1968 by an expert group made up of nine

people, “The Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council”. “The President’s

Office of Telecommunications Policy” issued the order. This report was an urgent warning for

the future.

  1. Today (2007): Ignoring This Warning and Irresponsible Deception

About 36 years have passed since the publishing of this report. Unfortunately, this urgent

warning, which is scientifically well-founded, is currently not taken seriously. The beauty of

landscapes and cities are spoiled with “forests of radiant radio antennas” in order to serve a

new addiction of people: telecommunication. From this unethical, environment-disfiguring

antenna forest, people are continuously bombarded by invisible, imperceptible, healthdamaging,

stressing, high-frequency, electromagnetic radiations.

As predicted 36 years ago in the US government report, our planet today is more

“contaminated” by “electronic smog” than with the chemistry that already heavily strains

people. Those responsible have unfortunately still not considered a possible double strain of

these two harmful factors.

The telecommunications and microwave industry even contends that these high-frequency

electromagnetic radiations are not harmful for people’s health. That is irresponsible deception.

Facts support the opposite.

  1. Radio Wave or Microwave Sickness Known for 75 Years

Seventy-five years ago in August 1932, the German doctor Erwin Schliephake published

scientific data in the German Medical Weekly about radio transmitter-induced “microwave”

or “radio wave sickness” with the following symptoms: severe tiredness and fatigue during

the day, fitful sleep in the night, headaches to the point of intolerability, and high

susceptibility to infection.

These symptoms, which are also observed in neurasthenia (enervation), were not to be traced

back to the thermal effects, but rather to the athermal effects of high-frequency…..




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