MICHIGAN-Battle Creek now installing smart water meters, one couple speaks out

Battle Creek now installing smart water meters, one couple speaks out

Updated: Sat, Oct 31 2015, 01:22 AM 

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The City of Battle Creek is installing what are known as smart meters for its water meters.



Friday night, Newschannel 3 spoke to one couple who says those meters are hurting their health.

The smart meters are some of the same ones now being used in different parts of West Michigan for electricity reading, and Battle Creek is now using them for its water system.

The meters send out a signal with how much water is being used, so the meter reader doesn’t need to come to each house.

“I put the pie pan behind it to try to deflect some of the radiation from it,” explained homeowner Steve Koch.

After the city of Battle Creek installed the new water meter on his house, Steve says he and his wife started to have new health problems.

“My wife went from having a case of fibromyalgia to what they call a flare of fibromyalgia,” he said. “Hers has been ongoing for two months, she’s had shots and everything to try to calm it, nothing works.”

The meter is on the wall outside of where his bedroom sits, and he thinks it’s the radiation coming out of the meter that is causing the problems.

“I don’t sleep very well, I feel foggy, my mind is not clear anymore, I’m tired, I’m restless, I have aches and pains I never had before,” Steve said.

Battle Creek started installing the new type of meter in January. They send out a signal so the meters can be read from a technician driving by.

This type of meter, sometimes referred to as a “smart meter,” is similar to what Consumers Energy is also now installing in West Michigan.

As we reported in May, some doctors have said there is a medical condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, that makes some people more sensitive to smart meters, cell phones or even wi-fi.

Steve says he is most upset he wasn’t given a choice about having a new meter, and he’s sent a letter to the city asking them to remove it. But so far hasn’t heard back.

“I’d like to have them tear it off the wall right now and throw it in the trash can personally,” he said.

The City of Battle Creek is now working on a system where homeowners can choose to opt out of the new meters for a fee if they wish to do so.



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