Smart Grids and Meters – One Family’s Struggle with Noise Pollution

Many thanks to Mike Holt for publishing this story in his Newsletter.  He deserves much credit for keeping an open mind and the courage to share this with his 15,000 electricians and electrical engineers who subscribe to his newsletter and website at   I encourage the Smart Meter Activists and those impacted as well, to contact Mike and use his resources to inform his community of the dangers of smart meters.  This is a good opportunity to keep this dialogue going in this arena!!!……Sandaura

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noise analysis in newsletter

Smart Grids and Meters – One Family’s Struggle with Noise Pollution

Sandra and her family’s struggle with noise pollution began back in 2006. We featured a newsletter detailing her story several years ago. Sandra recently contacted us again and asked us to feature another story with her updates and findings.

Sandra’s Update:

A number of years ago, you published a story about a noise my family and I were plagued by.  At that time, with the knowledge we had, we knew it was electrical and were focusing on a pad mounted transformer as the source.  It evoked much negative response in the comments; so much so, you had to shut it down.

We have much more physical evidence now.  In fact, it is very compelling because we have it from four different areas of science and four experts.

We have power quality, FFT analysis, acoustic 1/3 octave band, and forensic audio.  All of which, concluded the power lines are the source of the constant pulsed RF noise emissions.

I recently read your article about PLC and the noise issues surrounding this technology.  Our timeline for which the noise started was when the PLC was turned on to support the smart grid in our town.  September of 2006.  The important fact is that my family and I didn’t know the meter was on our home until two years later.  By then we filed numerous complaints with the utilities and State.  This at the time, preceded our knowledge of a smart meter and its technology.

The symptoms I experienced of nose bleeds, vertigo, dizziness, migraines, heart palpitations, involuntary muscle cramping disappeared the day they replaced the smart meter with a mechanical meter, manually read, per our demand.  This was July 2012.  It will be three years that the symptoms have not re-appeared.

It is very disheartening to hear of Doctors making blanket statements that the symptoms are in people’s heads or influenced by what they have read about the dangers of the smart meters.  This was not true for my personal experience and is not true for the thousands who have reported the same thing when the meter was attached to their homes.  For many, they did not even know the utility put a smart meter on their homes as well.

The noise is still present, which I knew it would be because we already had our evidence proving the antenna affect so the noise is in the air and is ubiquitous everywhere the smart grid network is turned on.  That is pretty much everywhere in the USA.  I hear from people all over who are suffering from the constant noise.  This is no mystery that this is the modern day hum that people are hearing.



Mike Holt Comment: Fifteen years ago when I knew everything I would have dismissed this issue. Today, I know I don’t have the answers to all issues… so who knows…

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