Time to Take the Rose Colored Glasses off, get off your phones, get off your ass and do something!

What is it that justifies ones thinking into believing it is okay to feel hopeless about fighting for the injustices we face in our society today?  I am so repulsed by hearing the words from another individual who is impacted by the noise pollution and radiation effects of the Smart Grid technology, when they say, “Well good luck to you!”  “They aren’t going to do anything”. This is an off putting way of saying I am not going to do anything, why bother.

As long as there is suffering, how can this type of person ignore what is going on?  Gay marriage wasn’t even on the table when Obama came into office and look what happen when you fight for something you believe in.  The NRA is a corrupt, soulless entity that has government by the balls while Americans slaughter their own and we sit back an allow it to go on.  The stress and violence we see on the news daily has had a numbing effect on our culture.  We are collectively, lazy, dumbed down, apathetic idiots for allowing the corruption, poverty, drugs, violence, starvation of our children, the discarding of our old, hatred and bullying, intolerance to differences, human trafficking of our kids, shitty education, outrageous price to pay for education, over burdened foster care system because there are so many having babies who do not have the ability to care for these kids. The  inhumane responsibility and care of domestic animals who are discarded because of impulsive judgment to own one to begin with.  Too busy with the latest addiction which is wireless devices.  Microwaves Kill.  What part of this is so hard to compute? Is love giving your kid a microwave transmitter?  Kids are on serious drugs at a younger age.  Autism, ADHD, childhood diabetes, brain tumors, insomnia, violence, mood disorders, to name a few, should be red flags, but they aren’t.

That being said, and that is only the tip of the ice burg of what we are ignoring.  The Radio Frequency radiation in our air, that is everywhere 24/7 non stop is killing us.  It is a weapon of mass destruction.  Those already compromised with serious diseases will not have a chance to heal properly and those who are also exposed are being exposed increasing chances of disease as well.  This technology does not give you a choice!!  You cannot protect yourself or your family from this constant assault.

it is time to get off the phones and the apps and wake up.  Educate yourself to the real truth and commit to being part of making change happen instead of being part of the problem…..Sandaura

One comment on “Time to Take the Rose Colored Glasses off, get off your phones, get off your ass and do something!

  1. too true… gets frustrating sometimes. On the EMF topic just found this excellent site called wi-cancer dot info All the info is there in stunning bluntness for the non believer. Unfortunately you can give folks all this info but many don’t want to know. Willful blindness I’ve learned … search that on ted talks. brilliant expose.

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