Stop playing the victim by taking the easy way out and doing nothing about smart meters!!!

The infiltration of this technology became obvious to me and my family September 2006; when National Grid came to our home, like all utilities have done without our knowledge of permission, installed a Radio Frequency pulsed microwave radio transmitting digital electric meter.  The timeline is important because that is when the negative symptoms began including the constant “illegal pure tones” in our home 24/7 non stop.  The torture continues to this day. 9 years to be exact!!! Our government is using the power grid infrastructure to direct a weapon of mass destruction on us.  This is also happening world-wide.  We receive emails and phone calls describing how the constant assault has ruined the quality of peace and wellbeing they once lived prior to the smart metering technology.

To this day, the majority of the public is naïve to what the smart grid technology is.  They are not even aware of it!!!! The government has moved forward with a deadly, dangerous, harmful technology regardless of their knowledge of the dangers to the public.  The general thinking that I have heard from those suffering is that there is nothing we can do about it.

How can anyone live with a clear conscience and feel joyful about life when millions of human beings are struggling to live daily?   How can anyone justify that we should just roll over and take the abuse we are receiving from those in power who are a lesser human being.  This is a sick, apathetic mentality because by doing nothing means that your life is not worth more.  This is why we have the problems we face with that are becoming so stressful that we see the increased violence and disregard for human life.

Until accountability and responsibility is felt collectively; those who complain and play the victim for you become part of the problem!!!  You are no better than those abusing their authority and power…..Sandaura






Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering

Staff Report

Docket AD06-2-000

August 2006

(Revised December 2008)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents ___________________________________________________________ i

Executive Summary _________________________________________________________v

Energy Policy Act of 2005 ________________________________________________________ v

Commission Staff Activities ______________________________________________________ v

Advanced Metering _____________________________________________________________vi

Existing Demand Response Programs and Time-Based Rates __________________________vi

Demand Response in Regional Transmission Planning and Operations __________________ x

Regulatory Barriers_____________________________________________________________xi

Conclusions___________________________________________________________________ xii

Chapter I. Introduction _____________________________________________________ 1

Energy Policy Act of 2005 ________________________________________________________ 1

Commission Staff Activities ______________________________________________________ 1

Demand Response and Advanced Metering Survey___________________________________ 2

Report Organization ____________________________________________________________ 2

Regional Definitions_____________________________________________________________ 3

Chapter II. Background on Demand Response __________________________________ 5

Definition of Demand Response ___________________________________________________ 5

Types of Demand Response ______________________________________________________ 6

Role of Demand Response in Retail and Wholesale Markets ___________________________ 7

Use of Demand Response in the United States _______________________________________ 8

Benefits of Demand Response____________________________________________________ 10

Participant Benefits ___________________________________________________________________10

Market and System Benefits ____________________________________________________________10

Additional Benefits Created by Demand Response ___________________________________________11

Evidence of Customer Price-Responsiveness _______________________________________ 13

Role of Enabling Technology ____________________________________________________

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