Attached please find the complaint being filed tomorrow with the Massachusetts Attorney General and the Inspector General concerning:

The Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program
The Worcester Smart Meter Health Report
The Worcester Assessors Property Value Report
The MA DPU Mandate
The Green Communities Act
The complaint here is 144 pages and includes the links where available too documents that are being filed as attachments. if you need to see any of them please contact me by email.
This complaint accompanies an earlier fraud complaint regarding the DPU smart meter mandate.
It is apparent that we are focusing in part on tobacco scientist Peter Valberg.
Please feel free to share and to submit to your regulatory agency, etc and thank you for all that you do.
Patricia Burke


Office of the Attorney General

Governor Baker

Massachusetts Inspector General

Patricia Burke, et al, Worcester Opts Out, Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts,, No Mass Smart Meters, Healing Earth Refuge

Ethics Complaint


Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot

City of Worcester

Worcester Smart Meter Health Report:

Dr. Michael Hirsch

“Let‘s be clear. …  The problem is not technology, which unarguably brings countless benefits to modern life.   The problem is with the over-extension of claims for technology‘s usefulness and the worshipful adulation of technology even where it has fearful consequences.  Most fundamentally, the problem is the willingness in Washington — for reasons of both venality and naïveté — to give technology a free pass.”[1]

Captured Agency, How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates,

Published by: Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University

October 2015

Table of Contents

Overview                                                               4

Executive Summary                                                5

Introduction                                                         10

MA Green Communities Act Smart Meter Pilot Program       Mandate                                                       12

Smart Meter Pilot Programs in Massachusetts                  14

National Grid’s Controversial Smart Meter Pilot          17

AMI Smart Meters, Advanced Metering Infrastructure   20

AMR Automated Meter Reading in Massachusetts         21

AMR and AMI Risks to Informed Democracy             25

Smart Meters: Ignoring Early Warnings in Favor of Short    Term Financial Gain                                       30   Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program      32

National Grid Summary of Smart Meter Pilot

Technology to IEEE, April 2015                        42

Worcester Resident Opposition to Pilot                   49

Worcester Politicians’ Delay and Lack of Response

to Citizen Concerns                                               50

Critique of Smart Meter Technology Report

Submitted by Dr. Michael Hirsch                      56

Worcester Smart Meter Health Report Discussion        111

Presentation of Worcester Smart Meter Health Report

to Worcester City Council and Community         112

Worcester Assessor Property Value Report                117

Addressing Junk Science                                        119

Late Lessons from Early Warnings                           128

Why Did the MA DPU and Democratic Leadership

Ignore Emerging Evidence of Harm?                  132

Decision-Based Evidence Making                             133

The MA DPU Fraud Complaint                                136

Conclusion                                                           137



The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has been engaged in a multi-year process of mandating wireless smart utility meters as the cornerstone to grid modernization. Investment for investor-owned utilities is to be financed by ratepayers.

Utilities in Massachusetts conducted smart meter pilot programs to test the technology’s effectiveness, but in a grave absence of moral and ethical responsibility, no health or environmental monitoring was conducted.

Concerns about the integrity of the on-going Worcester National Grid pilot program, which is behind schedule and over budget, range from recruitment of participants, to size, cost, design, and accuracy of results reports.

Both the DPU and the City of Worcester produced fraudulent claims regarding the health and safety of the wireless meters and infrastructure.



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