Washington, D.C. – Another emf-protester sent to psychiatric facility without legal process

UPDATE: U.S. Satellite Weapons Victims Protest in Washington D.C. (Video) & It Continues

The US is evil. No one seemingly gives a damn, unless it happens to them…

US Secret Service Wrongfully Held Activist In Mental Ward For 10 Days – Massive Lawsuit Pending by Pete Santilli Show

Published on Aug 25, 2015

Listen in as Tyrone Dew; a man who was institutionalized for 10 long days at the Washington Psychiatric Institute, for merely handing out literature and talking to people about the government’s past, present, and future mind control programs. Tyrone was held against his will, threatened with forced medication, and forbidden contact with the outside world, friends, and family.

The next time you plan a trip to protest in Washington DC, you’ll want to have the knowledge Tyrone Dew gives in this hair-raising interview with Pete Santilli.

Published on Oct 5, 2015

This is an archive of Pete Santilli’s Live Stream. Feat Todd Giffen, Tyrone Dew, Pete Santilli, Ken Rhoades, and other victims/advocates..

Published on Sep 28, 2015

LISTEN TO THE FULL SHOW: Episode #1063 – Gov Bureaucracy Leaving Vets Without Help In Phoenix https://youtu.be/yJC0obD27Os

Pete talks to Tyrone Dew, a “Targeted Individual” by the U.S. Secret Service who was taken off the street against his will and institutionalized for 10 days in a mental ward….FOR PASSING OUT LITERATURE ABOUT MIND CONTROL IN FRONT OF THE WHITEHOUSE! Despite a massive lawsuit against them in the works, the Secret Service continues to harass Tyrone for his activism.

Welcome to The Pete Santilli Show!! Tonight is power packed with interviews!! First up Pete and Deb announce they will be live streaming from Cincinnati with the band See You In The Funnies tomorrow night and then at 8:20 – Tyrone Dews gives us an update from Washington DC … At 9:20 Pete does a first time interview with Eric Smaltz from Phoenix Arizona … giving us an update on what is happening with the city and how they are causing the help for the homeless situation of veterans on the street to once again almost be impossible. In the last hour it’s Gavin Seims who comes on to let us know what’s new with the Police -State and what he is doing to battle it!!


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