CALIFORNIA – IWVWD staff wants no smart meter opt-outs

IWVWD staff wants no smart meter opt-outs


By Deborah Mills STAFF WRITER

  • Posted Oct. 8, 2015 at 2:51 AM
  • Ridgecrest Daily Independent – Ridgecrest, CA
  • By Deborah Mills STAFF WRITER
    • Posted Oct. 8, 2015 at 2:51 AM
      It has been recommended that no one be able to opt out of smart meters for their Indian Wells Valley Water District service.At Tuesday’s IWVWD Administration/Executive Committee special meeting on the agenda was the item of having customers make the decision to opt out for having an AMI metered system. It was staff’s recommendation to not have that as an option. Committee members agreed and this will be presented to the board of directors at Tuesday’s meeting.At one point the district did have this type of system in place, but the company they contracted with went bankrupt.AMR technology is utilizing a system that automatically collects consumption, diagnostic and status data from a water meter in real time. This would assist the district with troubleshooting water leaks quickly or finding high water consumption, where they could either send a text, email or place a phone call to the consumer to alert them that there is a problem.Staff found the system very useful because they could assist consumers immediately if their water usage went up. They could simply print a report and the customer could see to the day when more water was used and this could assist them with identifying if they had a water leak or some other kind of problem.Back in August the IWVWD received a draft letter from the state with enforcement actions the district needed to take. The first request was to have an AMR infrastructure in place by Nov. 1, and General Manager Don Zdeba responded back to the state that was impossible.Zdeba agreed that this is a great method of water conservation but time is not on their side at the moment in an interview prior to receiving the final letter. This would constitute getting permits, erecting towers plus the installation of more than 12,000 meters up and running by Nov. 1.In the final letter from the state they just required the district to come up with a plan and to keep them posted of their progress.

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