Stop Smart Meters! Marks 5 Years Standing Up to Utility Bullies

Stop Smart Meters! Marks 5 Years Standing Up to Utility Bullies’s been five years since was founded. Our early efforts together to get 57 California municipalities to stand against smart meters was a spark that ignited an international rebellion against the red-herring technology. This anniversary is about all of you who have given so much of yourselves for the cause. You know who you are. Thank you.

It was the summer of 2010 when we received a notice from California utility PG&E that they would be installing a “smart meter” on our home.  No one really knew back then what a “smart meter” was, but the more we did our research and heard the josh pitchforkstories of people whose health was devastated, heard about those who lost their lives in smart meter fires, and realized that this was all being covered up, we decided there was no way we would permit the installation of such a device under any circumstance. When PG&E told us with a straight face that “you have no choice,” that really crossed a line, and boiled our blood. We realized we had to drop everything and mobilize against the threat. With calls for residents in California to establish and defend “smart meter free zones,” we launched our fledgling group, immediately generating significant media coverage.

Five years later, “smart meters” have spread across the planet, despite a widespread and potent resistance and a few notable holdouts.  Truly a trojan horse technology, smart meters include an ongoing and deadly serious fire risk, health problems from dirty electricity and pulsed RF, invasive surveillance, inflated bills, and the loss of thousands of steady meter reader jobs. The “deployment” and the bullying it has required, has left a bad aftertaste of corporate rule, but it has also inspired a potent resistance movement.

One thing is for sure: the utilities had no idea of the scale of rebellion they would encounter when they started deploying these meters.  The strength of our movement is reflected in the more than 175 local groups around the world now engaged in the fight to stop and roll back the smart meter installations, according to our Global Stop Smart Meters Directory. If your group isn’t listed, please submit it by e-mailing us.

A culture of resistance to the smart grid has spread like a viral immune response, and we will be forever grateful to those who have put so much of their time and energy toward this cause.  We acknowledge the love and the empathy toward neighbors and friends that has shone like a light through these dark, scary times. That love will carry us through, and is more powerful than greed or hate or fear. While we cherish the community that has sprung up around this cause, we also grieve for the losses and injuries to our compatriots, and the divisions that the smart grid has ripped through our communities.

In 2015, the work of Stop Smart Meters! has grown and diversified.

Some of the services we provide:

Printed outreach material and low-cost EMF testing meters through our online store

– Website coverage of smart meters and related issues

– Technical and organizational assistance to those fighting smart meters
Accurate and relevant information to elected officials and the media

Exposés of government/utility collusion and corruption

– Practical and emotional support for injured and Electro-sensitive people

– A place for whistleblowers to discreetly report info about smart meter hazards.

We started in the Summer of 2010 with a vision of an informed public rising against the corrupt and arrogant utility bosses, rejecting their disastrous, wasteful green-washed false solution to the real and present danger of climate change, with local communities taking a stand and determining their own energy futures. That vision is palpably within reach, if we demand it.

The decision to toss smart meters (and the ideology that spawned them) in the dustbin of history is ours to make.  It’s a decision that utility companies have tried to convince us is out of our hands.  But we know better now— that people can and do stand up to the powerful utilities and win.  With this knowledge, and with love and empathy for all those who have suffered as a result of this misguided technology, we will never back down.

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