OFDM-based PLC technologies source of the world wide Hum

We have traced the timeline to 2006 as being the source of the noise pollution thousands and millions of victims are hearing 24 hours a day leaving us without any ability to escape the torture. We were aware of the day it was turned on, but left with a needle in a hay stack for we had no knowledge of the smart grid or smart meters.  The utility company came to our home when we were not present and replaced our analog meter with a digital smart meter.  We have public records in Massachusetts showing our complaints from 2006-08 preceded our knowledge of smart metering.  We have witness lists, symptom lists, forensic analysis proving a constant noise which pointed to the power lines at that time, with no mention of smart meters until we discovered the meter on our home in 2008.  At that time, we began our research and understanding of the smart meters and its technology and finally concluding, with no help from the utilities or the State of Massachusetts.  the PLC is the source of the constant noise pollution assaulting us day and night. The State of MA and the utilities have set themselves up for a lawsuit.  They are guilty of oppressing evidence and willful neglect to just get started. they have exposed themselves for the corrupt criminals that they are suppressing forensic evidence and not doing their jobs to stop the noise pollution which is by law a violation of which the regulatory agencies, DEP, DPU, DPH all had the authority to act  There is a legal term applicable to this case and it is called .


noun: mandamus; plural noun: mandamuses
  1. a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty.
    “a writ of mandamus”

It is time to hold these MAssholes accountable………SANDAURA

Landis and GYR

White paper

Introducing the power of PLC

Smart Meter LAN communications Technology Installed Base by Type World Market, Forecast:  2006-2013

In recent years, new open OFDM-based PLC technologies have been developed and are currently being field-tested and deployed. This new generation of PLC technology will provide higher communication bandwidth for future advanced smart grid applications.

Landis+Gyr is a key PLC technology market player and is actively involved in the development of this future technology.


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