New England – Smart Meter Updates

The Bad: Worcester Smart Meter Pilot and DPU Smart Meter Mandate    Worcester is the site of the controversial National Grid smart meter pilot program, where citizen concerns over mounting evidence of harm due to radio frequency exposure have been ignored by the industry, city officials, partner universities, and regulatory agencies. The Massachusetts Dept. of Public Utilities continues to pursue its mandate for smart meters, financed by ratepayers for investor-owned utilities. The Attorney General and the legislature have not acted on a fraud complaint regarding false safety claims.

The Ugly: ADA School Wi-Fi Lawsuit   The judge has scheduled a hearing at the Federal Courthouse in Worcester on September 4th for the lawsuit has been filed by a family against the private Fay School in Southboro for failure to accommodate their child.
Worcester’s turtleboy blog posted a blog about the issue which is representative of ridicule of the EHS population:   Caution: contains offensive language

The Exalted: 3 Inspired Ethical Steps You Can Take
1. Contact the Ri Governor’s Disabilities Commission and commend them for hosting the hearing for the EHS population, and ask that they prioritize an immediate investigation into the conflict between the telecom industry’s lack of premarket safety testing and monitoring since 1996, and the issue of EHS.

2. Contact Worcester City officials and others within your sphere of influence to express your concern about the atmosphere in Worcester that has allowed this environment of intolerance to prevail. Lack of health and environmental protections for Worcester residents, lack of oversight of the pilot by the Commonwealth, and the attitudes of elected officials and community partners of the utility have played a part in this mounting human rights disaster. This is an opportunity for the City’s administration to restore integrity to representative government. All candidates can be asked to weigh in on the issues of Wi-Fi in schools, antennas in residential neighborhoods, and Worcester smart meter pilot human experimentation without knowledge and consent.,,

3. Contact the Governor’s Office and your legislators to express your humanitarian concerns.
Thank you

Inaccessibility and discrimination are prohibited by law. Thus, it is not alright to deliberately make EHS persons’ symptoms worse. – Olle Johannson

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