August, 2015 Newsletter from katie Singer – An Electronic Silent Spring

An Electronic Silent Spring 
August, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer
1. A Movement to Reduce
In the last several months, people have told me:
* real cultural change happens in groups of seven;
* key laws, studies and solutions re EMR exposure need brief presentations;
* we need a movement of self-educators who reduce their EMR exposure
   and energy use.
          These ideas have inspired me to prepare study guides, including:
          The Science and the Law on EMR Exposure
          Safer Tech Uses Less Energy
          Wi-Fi Problems & Solutions
          “Smart” Meter Problems & Solutions
          Electronic Interference & Medical Implants
          Fertility & Wireless Devices
          May these “guides” support discussions among neighbors, schools, work and church groups. May they help encourage a grassroots movement to reduce energy use and EMR exposure.
          Here’s the first guide, geared toward parents and schools.
2. Tips for preventing cell towers: Get a copy of the deed to the property where the proposed tower will be rented. If it prohibits anything commercial on the land (for one example), and the landowner will receive rent from the telecom corporation, which will receive rent from other telecoms that place antennae on the tower, then you’ve got a good case against the tower’s installation.
          If the area is key to migratory birds, then installing a tower there could violate the Dept. of the Interior’s US Fish & Wildlife’s Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
          If the proposed tower would be in a residential or business district–or an area with wildlife, then its collapsing or catching fire would be especially threatning to residents and/or sensitive habitats. Let local officials know about our growing list of towers that catch fire or collapse.
          Check out resources at
          Read B. Blake Levitt’s classic, Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves, Harcourt Brace, 1996.
3. For Friends Who Aim To Conceive or Already Pregnant Please see What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby from the Environmental Health Trust. It includes clear advice from Dr. Hugh Taylor, the head of Yale Med Schl’s Ob/Gyn Dept.
4. Expecting Electronic Interference (between fetal monitors, heart monitors and new technologies operating at 600 MHz)  In early August, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a rule that will allow unlicensed devices (i.e. bluetooth technologies, mobile phones, garage door openers) to operate on the same frequency as heart and fetal monitors used by hospitals. The FCC stands to gain $500 billion from licensing these devices at 600 MHz. Once operating, these devices will likely cause electronic interference with hospitals’ heart and fetal monitors and prevent the monitors from functioning properly.
          The American Hospital Association has voiced opposition. In order to get clear on “technical” rules, three senators have asked for a three months’ stay before licensing new technologies on the 600 MHz band.
          To learn more about the FCC’s new ruling and medical monitoring equipment, please read on here:
          To learn more about electronic interference between common electronics and medical implants, please check out:
5. Comcast Xfinity WiFi   Please read Jereomy Johnson’s explanation of why Comcast Xfinity WiFi may be harming people–and what you can do to reduce the harm.
6. Katie Singer’s Upcoming talks:
October 10, Saturday, 9am-1pm, I’ll speak at a conference about wireless technologies and public health, hosted by the Santa Clara (California) Medical Center, at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. My talk is titled “Electronics in Our Ecosystem.” Other speakers include Cindy Russell, MD, Dr. Joel Moskowitz and Toril Jelter, MD. The event is $10.
October 15, Thursday, 1:30 pm, I’ll speak about electronic interference with medical implants at the Santa Fe Parkinson’s Group, Christus St. Vincent Wellness Center, 490 B West Zia. People and family members living with Parkinson’s, cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps and other implants–as well as members of the medical community are encouraged to attend. This event is by donation. For more info, contact
Thanks to everyone who’s getting informed about the dangers of wireless technologies and reducing their electronics usage and EMR-emmissions.
          Check out previous newsletters in the archives:
          To help keep this newsletter going, please donate! ! Find the donate button at the bottom of the homepage at
          Katie Singer
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Santa Fe NM 87502

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