MA Activists Renew Call Against Smart Meters After Harvard’s Fraud Report

MA Activists Renew Call Against Smart Meters After Harvard’s Fraud Report

In response to the report “Captured Agency, How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates,” MA activists are renewing their call for investigation of the Dept. of Public Utilities smart meter mandate.

The report, by Norm Alster, was just released by the Harvard Center for Ethics.

The report reads:

“The Federal Communications Commission sits at the heart of a bipartisan Washington web of institutional corruption that has for many years championed corporate interests, typically at public expense. Echoing industry, the FCC has ignored the growing evidence that wireless technologies pose serious health risks.” 

“The FCC‘s network of corruption doesn‘t just shield industry from needed scrutiny and regulation on matters of public health and safety. Sometimes it just puts its hand directly into the public pocket and redistributes that cash to industry supplicants.”

In a released statement from Patricia Burke of, she writes: “MA DPU mandate forces ratepayers to finance deployment of wireless meters and infrastructure for investor-owned utilities. A fraud complaint was submitted to the Attorney General and the Legislature by concerning health claims in the meter mandate DPU 12-76-B. The DPU mischaracterized the scope of the FCC limits by implying that they protect against non-thermal impacts, quoting references that do not correspond to the document’s claims.

“Citizens are being misled about renewable energy and energy efficiency. The DPU’s expert witness testified for Phillip Morris cigarettes the same week he testified for the DPU. When the agency responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity essentially lies about safety, its necessary for a system of checks and balances to prevail. Its not a question of whether the DPU order is fraudulent, because it is. The question is whether elected officials will collude with the DPU, or begin the necessary process of restoring integrity to energy policy. Property values, the ecosystem, and human health are being threatened on many fronts by massive energy projects that are not helping move to U.S towards greater ecological stewardship, and the DPU has not protected MA residents from harm.”

In his encyclical, Pope Francis stated: “Our immense technological development has not been accompanied by a development in human responsibility, values, and conscience.” In describing relentless exploitation and destruction of the environment; he said that “apathy, the reckless pursuit of profits, excessive faith in technology and political shortsightedness were to blame.” MA residents striving to ensure that smart meter health, fire, safety, hacking, security, green-washing, privacy, and cost issues are addressed have their sights set squarely on unsafe, unethical radio frequency exposures, including stealth antennas hidden in church steeples in residential neighborhoods.