PA-People who have problems with Smart Meters should work together


LETTER: People who have problems with Smart Meters should work together

I just spoke to a woman whose problems with Smart Meter installation apparently triggered a flash, sparks and eruption that was only the beginning of the electrical outages and myriad problems that have persisted for well over a year despite superhuman efforts on her part. Her story is rife with apparent lapses by those at companies and agencies and in various professional positions that are all pointing their fingers at one another while none appear to be doing the job that they could be doing that would either prevent the problem or at the very least allow for those who were responsible to shoulder the burden. There were more than a few clues in the midst of all of this that pointed to the fact that the victims of the Smart Meters are not connected. In fact, they are almost purposely isolated and even “threatened” in various ways in order to put them at and keep them at a disadvantage.

Working locally is the best method of handling any problem . If any of you has an experience or a real problem with Smart Meters, or knows of others who have, please contact me and I will connect you together so that your collective voices and collective experience can add a new dimension to your efforts to change this situation for yourself and others. College courses surely should include one of grassroots networking and the power of multiple voices. Currently the tactics of isolation are winning — not just regarding Smart Meters but in so many other situations. Time for a change.

Woodstock councilmen disagree over ‘smart’ meter meeting

LETTER: Woodstock councilmen disagree over ‘smart’ meter meeting

A ‘smart’ electric meter. FILE PHOTO BY TONY ADAMIS

Dear Editor,

Re “LETTER: Woodstock Town Board was unfairly abused by ‘smart meter’ opponents,” June 21, 2015, by Ken Panza: My colleague on the Woodstock Town Board wrote that the public “abused” and “bullied” us at our last meeting.

Ken didn’t allow discussion to be held on the advisability of combining the two resolutions previously voted on that were to be sent to the state Public Service Commission. Two resolutions on one topic will only help the world to see that Town Board action as ga-ga.

He mentions a third resolution as submitted by the “people” that was sent to the state Legislature. In fact it was supplied by Terry Bernardo, who was present at the meeting. Obviously, he didn’t know what he voted for.

Most importantly is his statement about the outburst of anger and frustration from the public. I think he hasn’t been paying attention, because the public has very often displayed righteous feelings when a majority of the board has denied them.

don’t support screaming and yelling, but it’s understandable, under the circumstances. The people elect and pay us, and it’s insulting to refer to them as bullies.

Jay Wenk

Councilman, Woodstock Town Board

Woodstock, N.Y.