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16 June 2015

Dr. Oz Alert – Why Cell Phones Could Cause Cancer in Kids

This extract from S6 E143 of TV show Dr. Oz discusses the potential harmful effects of cell phone radiation in kids in this segment subtitled Dr. Oz Alert – Why Cell Phones Could Cause Cancer in Kids.



Dr. Christopher Portier, Fmr. Director of the US CDC, calls for invoking the Precautionary Principle for RF-EMF

“Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”



BioEM 2015 Conference (in progress until June 18th)

BioEM2015 in Asilomar, CA, was opened by plenary session entitled “2B or not 2B”, dealing mostly with Precautionary Principle – should it be implemented for RF-EMF exposures.




Beaconsfield residents fight cell tower installation on their street

Over the last few years, hundreds of cell phone towers have been going up across Montreal, but residents tell Global News the City of Beaconsfield doesn’t seem know what’s going on.




Planners oppose cell tower on residential property

Residents’ recent opposition to neighborhood cell towers is causing some on the Ramona Community Planning Group to look at them in a new light.



Wi-Fi is killing me, says woman in Xiamen allergic to electromagnetic waves

“I can’t talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes. My toes and lower parts of my legs turn black when I use a mobile phone for more than 10 minutes,” said Xiao Yue, a Chinese medicine doctor.



Are bees getting dementia? From pesticide to possible cell phone radiation, the causes of bee population decline are an ongoing debate.

Now there’s another thing the buzzy little insect has to fear, dementia.



Verizon Is ‘Killing the Copper’ and Is Now Denying It

The New York State Attorney General goes into detail about declines in service quality and the diverting of the construction budgets meant for the utility, now going to pay for Verizon’s wireless rollouts.



Electrosensitivity caused by chronic nervous system arousal – Dr Roy Fox

Interesting article from 2012, in Quebec-based magazine La Maison du 21e siecle.



Framingham: Experts warn of wifi effects on children

Dr. Devra Davis, founder of Environmental Health Trust, said children today have toys that radiate energy, from the digital “iPotty” to a plastic teething rattle iPhone case.But unbeknownst to parents, the World Health Organization lists cell phones as a possible carcinogen to humans, Davis said, in the same category as jet fuel, DDT, lead and engine exhaust.“Would you give DDT, lead or engine exhaust to your children to play with?” she asked.



Even your Wi-Fi can cause cancer

“Adverse effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in … the cause and effect relation between radiation and its health effects.

“Since there is controversy about a rationale for setting standards to avoid adverse health effects, we have recommended that the UNEP convene and fund an independent multi-disciplinary committee to explore the pros and cons of alternatives to current practices

that could lower human exposures to radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields,” Kumar, who teaches at IIT-Mumbai, added.



Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? I The Feed



Smart meters vote (for precaution) a slam dunk

There is another aspect of wireless smart meters that also poses grave concerns: their massive rollout, along with the unchecked proliferation of telecommunication towers and WiMAX services, has produced unprecedented levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation in urban areas.



Council Members Prepare For Fight Over Smart Meters

Memphis City Council members are preparing for a big fight over spending $240 million for smart meters.



Electricians talk about smart meters

The traditional mechanical meters would survive a major overvoltage event of fairly long duration…remember they were, electrically, just coils of wire. They may suffer some arc damage but in all likelyhood would continue to work (with reduced accuracy). And further, they had glass covers which wouldn’t melt and were strong enough to contain an arc flash.
Smart meters contain a buttload of electronics on circuit boards with very small (and closely spaced) traces so flashovers and burnouts are very likely even with a relatively minor surge event. Plus the cases and covers are all plastic.
I have one that I can take apart so I will get some pics to add to this thread later.


Our complaint is that the tabs on the new meters are thinner, about 1/2 the thickness, than the old meters. If the tabs do not have really good spring action left in them, they cook off when people start turning on their heaters in the winter.
Plumbers seem to get lots of stoppage calls on Thanksgiving We get calls when the heaters come on for the first time The AC guys get their calls when its gets into the low 90s here



Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health

Few people have had such an overload of radiation than me, says Niemelä.  The first symptoms appeared already within a year of his employment at Nokia.


Note – This is not a new article but it is one well worth circulating.  There are now many people who are continually exposed to wireless radiation from there own devices, smart meters, WiFi hot spots and antennas.  In the future, ‘technology junkies’ and others exposed to high wireless radiation levels, are likely to wonder why there health is deteriorating, this article could help them to understand!


A Cell Tower in Their Pocket?

Jott’s solution is mesh networking, a cutting-edge form of data plumbing that turns individual smartphones into de facto cell towers. On Jott it’s called AirChat.


Cancer, sterility.  Why are these people trying to kill off the next generation?


Ferrite Chokes

Ferrite chokes can help to stop RF travelling on electrical wiring.  They come in different sizes for various sized wires.

If EHS, you can place a ferrite choke on the computer mouse wire and it will stop most frequencies from getting to your hand.



TELUS launches free public Wi-Fi across BC and Alberta

TELUS   is working with thousands of businesses, including brands like 7-Eleven, Fountain Tire and Vancity credit union, to provide public Wi-Fi at locations throughout B.C. and Alberta.

TELUS Wi-Fi is also available at many  major sporting and entertainment venues, including  Victoria International Airport.



Children talk about their WiFi health symptoms




Israel: Cancer is increasing, oncologists are needed

Only 250 oncologists treat patients in Israel. About 200 oncologists are missing to treat the increasing number of cancer patients.
In Rambam, in 2004 were 9,490 cancer patients, and in 2014 the number was 13,667.  Increase of 44%, says Prof’ Rafi Biar, manager of Rambam hospital. Within one decade, the number of visits in the oncology departments in the hospital increased from 105,000 to 163,000 visits. The result is unsupportable overload on the system. There are not enough beds.
This problem is not only in Rambam, it is felt in other hospitals too. In Shiba hospital, in Tel Hashomer, each year there are 4,500 new cancer patients. In part of the units, like those treating GI tract cancer and melanoma, the number was doubled in the last 4 years with the same number of oncologists.
In Hadassa hospital, increase of cancer is reported too.
In Ichilov hospital, every month thousands of patients are treated, and every night 30 patients are hospitalized.


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