MARYLAND-Smart meters raise concerns



Smart meters raise concerns

Your newspaper continues to admirably present a kaleidoscopic view of columnists’ opinions and these are so needed in our beloved Republic of America. The pros and cons of every issue, both local and national are so needed so readers can study issues thoroughly and then form educated beliefs.

Just so, on the issue of smart meters. Some time back, Delmarva Electric wrote an explanatory column in your paper, one of course describing the positive nature of the new technology. As Choptank Electric begins the changeover too, more information on topics of health effects and privacy intrusions is needed so the public can choose to opt out. Some will undoubtedly choose the new meters.

Orlean Koehle, successor to respected octogenarian head of the conservative political Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlaffly, has authored a vital book of such information, “Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meters” (Small Helm Press Associates, Santa Rosa, CA, 707-539-8393).

Reports of severe health effects after meters’ installation have renewed the overall concern too, about cell phone and cell phone tower radiation and Wi-Fi, an awareness being studied by the international EMF Alliance, and discussed in Paul Hawkins’s film, “Blessed Unrest.” What are the long-term effects to people’s health, the ecosystem, the honeybees, sustainability and genetic material over time?



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