Resident unhappy with smart meter radiation

Millions of people are displaced, misdiagnosed, ignored by authorities and experts alike.  No one who is in a position to take responsibility to help mitigate this issue will step up.  There is no excuse for turning your back to people who are suffering daily because of the noise and radiation pollution coming from the power lines….Sandaura

Resident unhappy with smart meter radiation

Marlene MacFarlane / Alberni Valley Times
June 2, 2015 12:00 AM 

Ucluelet – Myself and at least two other people have been trying to set up a meeting with the MLA of Alberni-Pacific Rim.We have serious concerns about the smart meters and cell towers.For myself, BC Hydro has refused to accommodate my diagnosed environmental illness and has installed 28 smart meters next to my property in Ucluelet. I cannot live next to this high radiation.Recently, I monitored the radiation from this bank of meters with an RF meter. These 28 meters were activating at a high level every 2-2 1/2 minutes. This is far in extreme to any information provided by BC Hydro and extremely hazardous to health.
Further, when the “data dump” is happening with high radiation, the lights flicker. Not only hazardous to health but warning signals of a burning meter. BC Hydro refuses to act.Another Alberni-Pacific constituent also wishes to attend a meeting with the MLA. This person is also electohypersensitive, he sleeps in a tent to get away from the radiation and lives without power. A third constituent, also electrohypersensitive, is now forced to sell their home and attempt to find a safe place to live because of the new cell tower erected in Port Alberni.On May 11, I stopped by Scott Fraser’s office in Port Alberni to ask when we could arrange for a meeting with Mr. Fraser. A friend came into the office with me. I wanted to show her the extremely high radiowaves in the MLA’s office – which is located just across the street from the new cell tower.My RF meter peaks out inside Mr. Fraser’s office.A lady is working at the office. I had stopped once before to ask about a meeting, and I also showed her the high levels of RF in her office.Marlene MacfarlaneUcluelet

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