British Columbia-Stop sought to smart meters

Stop sought to smart meters

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen is seeking a halt to installation of smart meters and removal of those already in place.

Regional directors voted this past week to petition Premier Christy Clark, Minister of Health Terry Lake and Chief Medical Health Officer for B.C. Dr. Perry Kendall stop installation of meters it claims are dangerous.

The resolution, signed by RDOS chair Mark Pendergraft, asks the province to acknowledge: “the real and rapidly increasing dangers of wireless radiation in all forms; and that the current exposure guidelines, i.e. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, are outdated and inappropriate, and do not adequately protect citizens from serious chronic health effects.”

The board members, including former federal cabinet minister Tom Siddon, say Itron meters already installed in RDOS Area D are neither UL approved nor CSA certified and, therefore, by the B.C. Safety Standards Act must be certified safe by a professional electrical engineer licensed to work in B.C.

The resolution adds: “Fortis refuses to provide this document, raising doubt that installations are legal, or that liability is accepted by either FortisBC or Corix.” Corix Utilities is the company contracted to install the meters across the province.

It requests an immediate halt to mandatory installation of advanced (wireless) utility meters and that all meters recently installed be removed immediately, at full cost to FortisBC.

Siddon, a former professor of mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia, authored the resolution in consultation with Dr. Malcolm Paterson, PhD, an internationally known cancer researcher who has campaigned against the proliferation of wireless technology, including smart meters.

The resolution is dated may 25 and calls for a moratorium on the controversial smart meters.

it notes that more than 60 municipalities, regional districts and First Nation governments in B.C. have now called for a moratorium until an opt-out option is made available.

It notes that the meters are being installed without written consent from affected property owners and that the Heritage Hills/Lakeshore Highlands Resident’s Association unanimously adopted a motion in December requesting the RDOS oppose installation of them.

A petition circulating in the South Okanagan opposing the meters currently has more than 230 signatures and urges the RDOS to decline approval their installation until safety and human health risks have been disproven.

On May 7, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a scathing condemnation of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guidelines for non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices, warning that microwave levels allowed in Canadian classrooms, residences and workplaces constitute a “disaster to public health.”

The resolution ask the province “to acknowledge the real and rapidly increasing dangers of wireless radiation” and says current guidelines “do not adequately protect citizens of RDOS.”

ONTARIO, CANADA-water meter in Southcott Pines – say NO!!!

Wireless water meter in Southcott Pines – say NO!!!

Published on Apr 19, 2013

This is the wireless smart water meter located inside a home in the basement of a house in Southcott Pines, Grand Bend, Ontario.

The meter broadcasts a strong wireless signal (it has to be strong to get through the structure of the house and out of the basement to the utility collector point) every 10 seconds, day and night. This will increase the radiation in all parts of the home.

These meters are causing severe health problems in people and for people with ES it can make the home unliveable.

Please say no to any wireless utility meters installed in or on your home.

Contact us at if you need help.

The Lakeshore Coalition

United Water (Bergen County, NJ) – A Cell Tower in your Basement?

These are the kind of deceitful antics the utilities are pulling on us.  They are despicable.  What right do they have to interfere with our lives and think for us?  This is insane and criminal.  When are people going to wake up and make a stand to take their power back out of the hands of A holes who do not give a rats ass about you.  We can not fight for you alone…Sandaura

United Water (Bergen County, NJ) – A Cell Tower in your Basement?

Update: 1/27/14 United Water has removed the broadcasting box, however they say this “is not a long-term solution.” The plan is I am emailing the readings monthly to them. I will take a picture of the meter as well and send that. I hope they don’t plan on threatening to shut off the water unless I comply.
Update: 12/2013 United Water is working with me to find an alternate solution. I will update here as it continues. Suggestions would be to put the meter outside, which is not acceptable. RF harms plants and animals, I keep a garden every year and i don’t want to blast passer-bys and other living things. I realize my neighbors boxes are infiltrating on my property, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I can’t see how this will stand in the future when you property is being sprayed with RF from other peoples meters and it’s now finally, classified as a carcinogen. I am grateful to United Water so far for NOT digging their heels in, however they don’t seem to get it. I was told that this is where the technology is going. My reply was it’s only going that way for as long as the people stand it.

Original Description: We received a notice (northern NJ) from United Water about the installation of a new water meter. They didn’t mention a smart meter, but that’s what’s being installed. I called and asked. I’m concerned with 1. the health effects of these constant, high-powered, RF-emitting devices and 2. privacy concerns of this info being broadcasted and type of info collected.

To my horror, I found out that we already had a broadcasting device (Neptune R900) installed for our analog meter! This new smart meter will not broadcast, but will instead be hooked to the existing Neptune broadcaster. United water told me they only took readings once a month and soon to be once every 3 months. Nothing to worry about, right? I took matters into my own hands and ordered an RF meter (Gigahertz Solutions HF 35C). I found that this Neptune broadcasting device emits the signal several times a minute (every 15 sec) with readings that are off the chart for the meter (over 2000 milliwatts per meter squared). I get a similar reading standing across the street from a cell tower in town. Note: I said per square *foot* in the video in error.

So the question is why is this device CONSTANTLY broadcasting, emitting harmful RF radiation in our home when the meter readings are only happening once a month? So what, you say? Well the dangers of RF have been known since at least the 1970’s and have been linked to nausea, muscle spasms, headaches, cancer, leukemia, immune disorders, ringing of ears, sleep problems, memory problems and more. In fact the World Health Organization classifies RF as a class 2B carcinogen. Bottom line is our body is electric and being in these fields is just not good. We’re bombarded with enough radiation from cell towers, wifi etc. Is this really necessary to constantly pollute our homes for one reading a month? Most people are not even aware of what these are, what they do and the associated dangers! I was getting readings in excess of 2000 mw per square meter. I am not aware of any “safe” limits in the US, however the Austrian health authority proposes a limit of 1 milliwatt per meter squared for indoor situations. I have a feeling the cell phone companies, wi-fi compaines etc don’t want “safe” limits, There is too much money to be made at the expense of our health.

I have also been learning about custom metal screen shielding for regular smart meters (both electric and water). You can find videos here where 98% of the radiation is blocked by the screening and the meter is still fully functional! I would consider this screening, however I’m not aware of any for the Neptune box in my basement. Also, why are we paying for the electricity to keep this box broadcasting!? Why are we being test guinea pigs? United water can you make this thing broadcast only once a month? Once a week? Are there alternatives? This situation is happening all over the country so if you haven’t heard of this before, now you have. Please give a safer option and inform your customers about it. Thank you.

Note: I’ve been aware of this smartmeter war around the country for years. When I realized it affected me I began researching this issue with what limited time I had. Everything I’ve said and written is true as I know it. Also note: meter was ordered from I have no affiliation with them. They were the best price around with a free case.


Uploaded on Jan 4, 2012

A Neptune e-Coder R900 water meter pulses every 14 seconds and can fill a home with radiation if located in a basement.