Anti-smart meter campaigner’s electromagnetic pain claim rejected, ordered to pay legal costs

There is a  universal principle “The Bigger the front the larger the back.  This will come back to bite the criminals who are forcing the RF/emf radiation pollution on humanity.  How disgustingly vile and apprehensible the actions of  political systems trickling down to those financially and the politically aligned who are harming the entire population; without conscience or any sensitivity toward those already suffering in their own homes!!  You are counting on the majority who are by choice and some by ignorance ignoring their responsibility that being, standing up to the soulless creatures who have this corrupt power over us.  I say soulless because your actions prove this issue is bigger than just one person’s voice or one person pain and anguish.  How dare you punish those who are simply trying to protect themselves.   I express this with such loathing for the collective consciousness that has no face or accountability, but all those who are complicit in contributing to that destructive machine; you are part of the problem and part of the crime being committed on humanity.  For that, there is a price that you will pay, call it judgment, karma, selling your soul to the devil.  It is not worth it in the end.  Criminals always get caught eventually…..  Sandaura

Anti-smart meter campaigner’s electromagnetic pain claim rejected, ordered to pay legal costs 

Troels Sommerville

  • From: Moorabbin Kingston Leader
  • April 29, 2015 12:00AM

Sofia Telemzouguer. Picture: Tanya Fry

Sofia Telemzouguer. Picture: Tanya Fry Source: News Limited

ANTI-smart meter campaigner Sofia Telemzouguer has been slapped with $9500 legal costs after failing to turn up to a tribunal hearing because she was worried about being exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

The Cheltenham woman was taking United Energy to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in a bid to get compensation from the electricity provider for disconnecting her power after she removed a new smart meter and reinstalled her old analog one.

Ms Telemzouguer asked for the hearing to be heard in Moorabbin because of her claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

She said “wi-fi hot spots and cell phone towers” in Melbourne’s CBD, where the case was to be heard, would cause her pain.

But the tribunal did not accept her excuse and Ms Telemzouguer has been ordered to pay United Energy’s legal costs for “failing to comply with an order without a reasonable excuse”.

“I was just asking for a little bit of consideration for my disability,” she said.

Ms Telemzouguer and daughter Larissa, 15, had to live by candlelight from March to August 2014. Ms Telemzouguer said she removed the smart meter because it made her ill.

Her power was switched on again when the tribunal issued an interim order in August for United Energy to keep her connected until the matter was decided.

But the case has been put on hold until she pays the $9500.

Ms Telemzouguer ran as the Bentleigh candidate for People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters in last year’s state election.

The tribunal said it could not comment on an ongoing case.

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