Looking at the list below of environmental issues John is so on point with; it is ALL important and encompassing to all our lives and how it impacts our health and survival.  The issues need to be addressed, but let’s prioritize, for a moment, in order of impact on individuals.  First, there are those making conscious choices in their own lives where they still have some control of the their decision making and how it is important to their well-being.  Secondly, the most severe impact  on your lives, where one cannot make decisions to escape the assault or pollution of what John has pointed out below.  The top of the list and the most dangerous is the RF radiation exposure.  We are all exposed to this no matter where we go.  The radiation permeates and is ubiquitous, no matter where we go.  There is no protection or shielding from the assault on our person.  We must understand that the studies the industry are hiding behind are funded by the criminals who are assaulting us!!!  Yes, this is war and you should be very worried about your future.  What is happening already devastating to our humanity and it will not end well unless we are willing to fight for our rights and regain power to decide for ourselves and not by the elite who have already put a plan in place to de-populate the over 7 billion consumers, who are on this planet.  The elite do not see us as human beings, they see us as a burden.

Know the source of your food, live where there are lower radiation levels,  good water supply, don’t buy into the pharmaceutical propaganda.  Connect to wired and not wireless. Demand the removal of your smart meter, join the network of individuals fighting for the stop of microwave pollution, Home school your kids or find a suitable school that does not have Wi-Fi.  Yes, this is a commitment, but the Corp America has not given us any other recourse. They are not the good guys, so don’t look for a good guy in politics to change this.  The machine is corrupt, the culture of thinking is corrupt.  Nothing will improve until we take back our power. Care!……..Sandaura


 By John Marshall
May 1, 2015

Ever notice that the skies are not a deep blue color anymore, but rather a dull milky white most of the time? Ever look up and notice how the spray left by jets lingers for hours and spreads out and falls. Ever notice those patches of trees in the forest that appear to be dying or dead? Ever heard of so many respiratory and skin problems with family and friends like Morgellans, and COPD? Ever see such weather devastation on the planet?

If you have noticed any of these things then you are witnessing BG engineering (bio-geo-engineering) in action. The consequences are extreme and most people don’t realize we’re being fumigated like bugs.

The entire globe is being sprayed under the auspices of climate change formerly known as global warming. That term was changed when it proved to make them look like the liars that they are.

The spray in concert with HAARP is used to divert weather patterns like a weapon on unsuspecting countries or states. These weather weapons are being used right now to cause a drought in California and Oregon. [HAARP Pictures]

Weather weapons are nothing new since they were used on the Ho-Chi-Mein trail in Vietnam to bring in a monsoon to halt the advancement of the enemy. China, Russia, and the USSA all have these weather weapons.

One thing for sure is this country and the world are at extinction level pollution levels. For instance;

Radioactive pollution from Fukushima encircling the northern hemisphere, if that’s not bad enough.
• Noise pollution.
RF pollution from, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi transmissions, and computers.
Indoor pollution from all the chemicals and waste in our home.
Pollution from the personal hygiene products.
Pollution from all the pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs consumed.
Pollution from the toxic chemicals we use on our clothing and the chemicals used to make them.
Pollution from all the toxic chemicals in/on our food/alcohol/ and our water.
Pollution from the toxins in our silverware, plates, and dishes.
Pollution from round-up and other toxic garden products.
Pollution from radioactive/chemical toxins from power generation.
Finally pollution from BG-engineering. This is the worst of them all, because nobody is exempt, nobody gave their permission, and nobody had a choice in the matter. We can clean up our environment, go organic, eat/get healthier, exercise, buy better cloths, grow a garden, but it would all be in vain as long as BG engineering continues unabated.

When you combine many of these chemicals with others they have a synergistic effect and are exponentially more powerful. As for most of this pollution goes, we could change life styles and have a choice in every matter but BG engineering is not up for notification, change, or debate.

We all breathe, drink, bath, eat, and wear, these accumulative poisons every day and night. It won’t be long before your body reaches a critical mass and breaks down into disease. No matter how healthy we are, we will all eventually succumb to this.

It has aluminum dioxide, barium, strontium, and recently discovered fluoride which is host to over 300 toxins and heavy metals. Scientists have also found biological agents in the mix as well, hence the term bio-geo-engineering BG engineering for short.

This issue is the single most important thing we are facing as humanity and we must do something or we’re heading for a crematorium near us and that’s understated.

Since everybody is getting acclimated to the trails then it would be easy to one day change the composition or formula of the spray and we’d all be kissing dirt and never realizing what hit us.

As far as I’m concerned, this constitutes criminal actions subject to arrest on behalf of the DOD, corporations and the sociopathic banksters. I’m no lawyer but it seems they are violating too many statutes to be legal. There has to be something we can charge them with.

They have to be totally nihilistic. This affects their families too. The pilots’ families as well, who knowingly spray these toxins without so much as a thought to their behavior.

Soon there won’t be any pilots, it will all be automated with no one to say otherwise. The Air force has had remote controlled unmanned jets for years and some say they were used on 9/11.

We are literally paying to incrementally kill ourselves. Is our unwitting life structure just a built in form of mass incremental suicide/murder? At this point, I’d say yes!

This in my opinion is the ultimate, full spectrum form of eugenics.

California, just like every other state in this nation is under siege right now. Political solutions are out the window because the criminally inclined politicians infested in our government can’t be trusted to act in our best interest and won’t prosecute their comrades.

BG engineering is a criminal act on our health and welfare. It’s a criminal act on the planet as well. So where’s the environmental Nazi’s? They’re hiding of course because they get nowhere fighting themselves.

City of Berkeley to require cellphone sellers to warn of possible radiation risks

City of Berkeley to require cellphone sellers to warn of possible radiation risks

Lawmakers vote to highlight the potential dangers of keeping devices close to the body as scientists raise raft of concerns, especially for children

People using mobile phones
Berkeley, California, is requiring new warnings on cellphone use. Photograph: PhotoAlto / Alamy/Alamy

Berkeley lawmakers voted this week to require cellphone retailers to provide customers with a notice on the potential health hazards of carrying their device too close to their bodies, making the progressive California city the first in the nation to have wireless warnings if the law is allowed to go into effect in July.

“It’s an important right-to-know issue,” said Berkeley mayor Tom Bates, who voted in favor of the measure. “It’s really just a note of caution.”

Currently, most wireless-capable devices such as smart phones carry FCC-mandated safety recommendations on how close to the skin the devices should be kept. It’s suggested that users keep most models at a distance of 5 to 25mm to limit radiation exposure to safe levels.

But those notices are often buried deep inside manuals and online instructions, leaving most consumers unaware they even exist.

A poll of Berkeley residents conducted in April found that while 74% of respondents carried their phones in a pocket – considered close contact – 66% were unaware that cell phone manufacturers recommend the products be carried away from the body or used in conjunction with hands-free devices.

The Berkeley ordinance would require sellers to post the safety information in public view and hand out a separate flyer to buyers who purchase or lease a phone.

“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines,” it reads. “If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. This potential risk is greater for children. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”

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Hundreds of thousands of households left in billing limbo by clever gadgets

Just how smart are these energy meters? Hundreds of thousands of households left in billing limbo by clever gadgets

  • Smart meters designed to stop people overpaying due to estimated bills
  •  Customer given an 11-month wait to fix faulty smart meter
  • Then smart meter company cancelled three days before appointment
  • Readers report wild swings in energy usage measured by smart meters 
  • Energy giants left with backlog of complaints from updating systems 

Hundreds of thousands of households are still trapped in ‘billing limbo’ – unable to pay promptly for energy usage because of errant computer systems introduced by suppliers.

Many of the billing problems stem from the installation of ‘smart meters’ that have been heralded by both the Government and the European Union as improving how energy is delivered to people’s homes and the monitoring of usage.

These meters will be rolled out more widely across homes from next year. Sending automatic readings to suppliers, they should bring to an end people overpaying for energy because of inflated estimated bills.

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Fault: Jeffrey Simmons’ meter was not installed correctly by Ovo
Fault: Jeffrey Simmons’ meter was not installed correctly by Ovo

But a number of people have already contacted The Mail on Sunday to say they have been left exasperated by the poor service they have received post installation of a smart meter. 

They claim that these new meters are not an elixir to inaccurate billing woes.

Jeffrey Simmons, an 80-year-old retired cab driver, who lives with wife Cynthia, 78, had a smart meter installed at his two bedroom bungalow in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

But it has continually failed to send automatic readings to his supplier Ovo Energy. 

The problem first came to light over Easter last year and a visit was set up by specialist meter firm Lowri Beck to fix the fault. But Jeffrey was told the first available appointment was March this year – 11 months later.

He waited patiently but the company cancelled just three days before a visit was due. 

In the meantime, Jeffrey was paying for how much gas and electricity Ovo Energy estimated he had used – £74 a month for dual fuel – rather than how much he had definitely used.

‘So much for smart meters,’ he says. ‘The Government insists we now have them to make it easier for people to keep on top of their energy usage but I’ve got one and it doesn’t even send readings. Ovo was friendly but said there was nothing staff could do.’

A spokeswoman for Ovo says Jeffrey’s meter was set up incorrectly. To compound the problem, Jeffrey’s complaint was not passed on to the right department.

She says: ‘We’re sorry Mr Simmons’ smart meter was not properly installed. Usually, the process is completed within a few hours. Together with our suppliers, we’ve investigated what went wrong and fixed the problem.’

Not so clever: Smart meters are being rolled out across the country, but customers complain of errors

Not so clever: Smart meters are being rolled out across the country, but customers complain of errors

‘Wild swings in energy use on my smart meter’

Meanwhile, a Norfolk-based reader is taking issue with the quality of the handheld device that came with his smart meter, which shows odd patterns of energy use. 

Smart meters are wall-mounted units that transmit data to suppliers, but they come with mobile home display units indicating how much energy is used in real time and in pounds and pence.

The pensioner, who is in remission after battling throat cancer, says: ‘The main problem has been wild swings overnight from being under-budget to being over-budget for no reason and with no additional use of electricity.

‘At 3:20pm on April 19 the device showed I was 29 per cent under budget. I went to bed early that day as I was not feeling well.

‘At 5:06am on April 20 it showed I was 14 per cent over budget. But nothing – not a light or heating – was left on overnight.’ He has been reassured that his meter is accurate but not to rely on the mobile display.

He adds: ‘I now look upon the device as one of my sideboard ornaments – sitting among dried herbs, spices and a salmon-fishing reel.’

Preparation for a wider rollout of smart meters has prompted energy companies to update their computer systems but customers are suffering the fallout from such rapid change.

Co-operative Energy is currently facing a customer backlash from a recent botched update of its computer systems, resulting in more than 200,000 users being required to re-register to access their online accounts.

It is fielding around 400 calls a day from customers experiencing re-registration problems.

Energy Goliath npower has had a backlog of late bills triggered by a computer system overhaul in 2013, with around 90,000 bills outstanding in the first two months of this year.

This is a reduction from the 414,000 late bills it ratcheted up in mid-June last year.

In March this year, ScottishPower was subject to a 12-day sales ban by energy regulator Ofgem for its failure to mop up customer complaints fast enough.

An ‘IT bug’ also affected Ovo Energy late last year, leading to customers receiving inaccurate bills. There are no guarantees that switching supplier will help you avoid billing problems but some companies have built a reputation for good service.

In the most recent customer satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 customers by consumer group Which?, ecotricity and Good Energy rank first and second respectively, followed by Ebico, Ovo Energy and Utility Warehouse.

Bottom of the table was npower, and ScottishPower was second last.

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