The Hum noise pollution is caused by Smart Meters….Since 2006 , citizens are tortured 24/7 by this noise!

This is further evidence which proves, once again,  the noise pollution we speaks of aka, “The Smart Grid Syndrome” and or the “The Modern Day Hum.” Starting in 2006 DTE ceased to install analog meters. , the noise and dirty electricity radiation is pointed out below (The analog meter does not involve any electronics. Thus it does not create dirty electricity / noise on the line.)

The timeline also is aligned with the demise of our bats, bees and birds.  The radiation/noise emissions impacts their navigation capabilities.  Read the H.E.S.E. report on wildlife……Sandaura

Digital Meter

Itron, Centron, Digital, Meter, CL200, C1SBeginning in 2006, DTE ceased to install analog meters. This picture shows a commonly installed digital meter found in Michigan. We have measured the amount of dirty electricity (voltage transients and harmonics) generated by this meter in one home and have found that it does not generate the same dirty electricity associated with smart meters. We don’t know if this is the case for all these meters, but we think it likely is, probably because it does not collect the same fine-grained usage data as a smart meter. If engineers actually bothered to measure the voltage transients and harmonic generated by digital meters, we could give you a more definitive answer. If you think you have one of these meters, you may want to keep it instead of getting a new smart meter! The best thing to do is buy a Stetzer meter or a Trifield meter (or both) and measure the amount of line noise and the strength of the magnetic field in your home. The Stetzer meter will measure the the line noise (dirty electricity). The Trifield meter will measure the magnetic field and how much it fluctuates. A needle that fluctuates a lot means there is a very unstable, erratically pulsing magnetic field. Pulsing electromagnetic fields are very harmful to human health.

 DTE’s Digital Meter That Can Be Converted to a Smart Meter

The Itron CL200 C1S meter is not a meter you want! This meter has been installed on homes for some time. Supposedly DTE is “upgrading” these to the Itron OpenWay meter, but we know of instances where DTE has installed this meter as the opt-out meter, despite DTE’s contention that it is converting all meters to “one meter type.”

To know whether you have this meter, look at the picture. On the meter you will see: CL200 240V 3W TYPE C1S 30TA 1.0Kh. This meter is a digital meter that is capable of being converted to a smart meter by the addition of a “personality” module. We have measured the voltage transients and harmonics (dirty electricity / line noise) and magnetic fields generated by this meter. This meter is almost as bad as the smart meter. A woman who lives in a home with this meter has had her health severely affected by it, nearly as severely as by the smart meter that was previously installed on her home. Two other electrosensitive people who have gone to this home have also experienced severe problems. For a list of the health effects experienced by people when exposed to this meter, click here. Also read Rebecca’s story, Cynthia’s story, and  Linda’s story for more detailed information. The woman who (tries) to live in this home spends most of her time travelling in order to avoid the degrading effects of this meter on her body.  The digital meter (see previous entry) that looks similar to the CL200 C1S does not seem to generate the dirty electricity that the CL200 C1S does, probably because it is not measuring electricity usage in detail.

Analog Meter (the meter most people have before a smart meter is installed)

analog, electric, meter, mechanicalThe analog meter does not involve any electronics. Thus it does not create dirty electricity / noise on the line. However, note that some meters that look like analog meters actually have hidden transmitters. More on that in the next section. The “clock” dials on the meter indicate how much electricity you have consumed. Below the dials is a large rotating disk that spins faster as you use more energy on your property. The spinning of the disk (a mechanical movement) is how the meter measures your electrical usage. 1889, electromechanical, meter, analogThis is a picture of the analog meter (electromechanical meter) that, in similar form, has been used since 1889! DTE insiders tell us that the utility still has analog meters that were installed in the 1950s—that’s 60-plus years of accurate energy measurement. Note that there are now meters being made that have the dials on them (they look like analog meters) but actually record digitally. To our knowledge, none of these meters are being installed in Michigan. If you do not have an analog meter and want one on your home, you can consider replacing your meter.

Analog Meters That Have Hidden Transmitters

Some meters look like analog meters (and are in one sense analogs), but they have a hidden transmitter in them. These are the meters that have been installed by most rural electric cooperatives in Michigan, as well as some of the privately owned utilities. It is possible that some homes in DTE and Consumers territory also have these meters. These meters are discussed here and below, under Meters for Other Michigan Utilities. They include AMR, PLC, BPL, and TWACs.

If you have had trouble sleeping for a decade or more, then one of these meters could be the culprit. (If you have wireless in your home, then that is a likely culprit as well.) These meters transmit wirelessly or by PLC (power-line communication), or by a combination of the two (TWACs). All of these methods create dirty electricity because they involve computer circuitry being installed in the meter.  For an excellent discussion of these “stealth” meters, please go to, and also read this article in its entirety, as well as here, here, and here.. You can also visit Sal La Duca’s page on Turtle meters, where he notes that “a module on the meter would impress digital data right onto the power wiring. . . . The primary frequency was in the order of five to 9.5 Hz (5 – 9.5) and was either coded as a Morse-type intermittent signal, or continuous and modulated with the desired data. . . . [A]pplication of this form of AMR is waning, because data transport is slow. . . . [T]he frequency used for data cartage is within the range of brain waves, and since it is directly impressed on the power wiring, its conveyance is not only toward the electrical substation data collection point, but also toward the indoor living space.”

Health Effects.  An interesting note regarding the health effects of these meters has been contributed by one member of the Smart Meter Education Network:  “I grew up in a home with an analog meter. I moved away in 1980, but each year I would go back to my parents’ home to visit them. At some point, I began to sleep better at their home than in my own. Then, suddenly, in 2002 I slept very poorly when I went to visit them. I attributed it to the break-up of a relationship. But every year thereafter, I would toss and turn all night. In 2012, I learned that a Turtle meter, an analog look-alike that transmits electricity usage over the power line [PLC] had been installed on their home in January 2002, the year I began sleeping poorly when I visited them.” Within a few years of the meter’s installation, her mother developed atrial fibrillation and her father developed high blood pressure. Both had always been in excellent health, were vegetarian, and kept themselves in good shape by hiking and doing daily farm and ranch work.

LaDuca notes: “A no-impact AMR metering scheme would be the one long employed by the utility with large usage customers, with a voice-grade telephone line to each meter, but this goes against the grain of least-cost efforts.”

For an excellent, comprehensive discussion of PLC and TWACS, and also the health issues created by this method of meter-reading, read this article in its entirety, as well as here, here, and here.

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