Cellular phone towers threaten our health (due to rapid expansion of wireless technologies including smart meters 24/7 non-ionizing radiation exposure)

Cellular phone towers threaten our health (due to rapid expansion of wireless technologies including smart meters 24/7 non-ionizing radiation exposure)

Marcus Schluschen / Alberni Valley Times
May 5, 2015 12:00 AM

Port Alberni – The proposed monstrous 60-metre Telus cell tower, near Sproat Lake Landing, Lakeshore and Tilly Road, on the Pacific Rim Highway, deserves public awareness of the looming health crisis the residents of this area will be facing.
According to overwhelming scientific/medical research in recent years, 24/7 cell tower microwave radiation has far greater adverse health consequences for man, animals, insects and flora than first anticipated.Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, published an “Emerging Risks Team Report” about wireless radiation in 2010 and compared the health risks of electromagnetic radiation as emitted by cell towers to asbestos.In February of 2015, they discontinued all insurance coverage for claims of damages and illness associated with electromagnetic radiation, as emitted by cell towers’ ‘smart’ meters, WiFi etc.  This exclusion applies regardless of who manufactured, produced, sold, owned or controlled the transmission sources.
Medical Associations in Europe and North America are witnessing troubling developments in recent years which are linked directly to the rapid expansion of wireless technologies!  Non-ionizing microwave radiation, as emitted by cell towers, WiFi, cell phones, smart meter and tablets, was considered harmless until a few years ago. Today however, a rapidly growing body of peer-reviewed research has shown very troubling health effects from even very low levels of microwave radiation exposure.
Medical science observed adverse effects on cell structures and brain function, leading to increased mortality, heart rhythm and blood pressure irregularities, learning and concentration disorders (ADD), brain degenerative diseases, chronic exhaustion, sleeplessness, tinnitus etc.  Physicians around the world are beginning to recognize this to be a looming public health crisis in the making, and warned repeatedly: children, elderly and pregnant women are at greatest risk!The telecommunications industry continues to hide behind Canada’s outdated Safety Code 6, which was repeatedly denounced by an international body of experts, as non-protective. In a recent Quebec Superior Court hearing, Health Canada’s representative admitted under oath that Safety Code 6 only considers thermal effects, while biological effects are not considered! Marcus Schluschen Canadians For Safe Technology Port Alberni

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