Discovery Allows Your Electric Company to Control Your Mind 2

60Hz wires that come into our homes via the electric company has a duel purpose.  They are using the “Lily Wave” which puts ultrasonic wave forms piggy bagged with electronic signature, which neutralizes the brain and puts one into a zombie state.   The signatures of fear, hate, unrest, civil unrest, riots, etc.  It discerns the brain and a free ride into the human brain.   The passage of current is controlled by staying just below neural stimulation that will avoid permanent damage.  Dr. Lily developed a wave form to balance the current.   This is transmitted on AC and has been measured, so this is real folks.   We are surrounded by this and if they send influential frequencies they have the ability to control minds in every building where electricity comes in.  I am simplifying this for immediate edification.  Please research this on your own……….This is a scientifically induced nervous breakdown.  Read the testimonials and understand what this is doing to us.  To ignore others suffering is to be complicit and part of the problem, not the solution……Sandaura

Discovery Allows Your Electric Company to Control Your Mind 2

Mind Control or Just Contrails

Interview with Dr. Patrick Flanagan Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Technology and Weapons

john c lilly mugJeff Rense interviews Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Topics discussed are The Lilly wave, mind control, social engineering, Smart Meters, microwave weapons, GWEN, electromagnetic wave pulses, cell phone radiation, and more.

In 1958, “Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone – an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain.  Flanagan received a patent for the device in 1968 – US Patent 3,393,279.

“It is an object of the present invention to provide a means of initiating controllable responses of the neuro senses without applying pressure waves or stress waves to the ears or bones. Another object of this invention is to provide a means of causing a person to receive an aural perception of the sound corresponding to the audio modulation of radio frequency electromagnetic waves that are coupled with the nervous system of the person. These and other objects of this invention will be understood from the following drawings and description of the invention, wherein:”

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