‘Smart meters’ on electricity are not so smart

‘Smart meters’ on electricity are not so smart

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In some cases, smart meters add 20 percent to the electric cost and do not save money for customers or reduce the amount of electricity used. That’s the clear finding wherever they’ve been studied: California, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, Ontario and Germany also agree that they are a bad deal. Some communities have stopped them or let the homeowner opt out.

The Pennsylvania Legislature has not studied the costs or benefits, but members will soon consider removing this requirement in Act 129 (2008), which requires installation of smart meters in all our homes.

They are not cost effective and, worse yet, the utility can observe what you are doing and control your air conditioning and heat.My state representative, Mark Mustio (R-Moon), agrees that smart meters should be stopped. Do your state senator and state representative want to add another cost and control — or do they work for you?

Peter K. Sour


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