01:13 – Harm and violations caused by “smart” meters

07:49 – Unconstitutional takings of property

08:25 – Illegal according to U.S. Code (specific laws cited)

11:25 – Unjustified and inexplicable billing increases

12:30 – Radiofrequencies cause harm to health

13:40 – A solution that works

13:56  – Remove consent 1

4:20  – (An opt-out is not a solution)

15:24 – Accepting public officals’ Oaths of office makes them personally liable

16:35 – Document template with $300M liability

17:40 – Utility reverses position and removes “smart” water meter 1

8:47 – TBYP groups using a liability process (we’ll have clarification and news on this soon)

19:20 – You can make liable violators of the U.S. Constitution 2

1:09 – This process is broad and can extend to more than just your home

22:19 – What happens if we do nothing

22:40 – Q & A

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