ERT meter another name for smart meter like device.

ERT meter another name for smart meter like device.

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


Utility won’t read meters anymore… forcing owners to get ERT installed in MD.

Reuben Lattimore opted out of getting a smart electricity meter installed at his Pikesville, MD home last year, fearing the potential health affects of radiation from the device. Now, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. wants to install another device at his home that raises the same concerns.Though global and national public health organizations, smart meter manufacturers, researchers and utilities insist smart meters pose no health danger to the public, a small number of people remain worried about the devices as utilities across the country replace older meters with the new ones. While the Maryland Public Service Commission strongly supported smart meters, it voted to allow people to opt out, as long as they paid a fee.

But some, like Lattimore, feel blindsided when they discover the opt-out option is what is known as an ERT meter, which uses radio waves like a smart meter to transmit data, though less frequently than a smart meter. Smart meters have “been reported to cause fires and it’s not settled as to their safety,” said Lattimore, 58. “This is a fairly new technology and it could take generations to find out whether it’s safe or not, just like with cigarettes.”

Lattimore said his electric meter is behind a fence and BGE typically sent him estimated bills. When he opted out of receiving a smart meter in April 2014, agreeing to pay a one-time fee of $75 plus $11 per month, he arranged a monthly appointment for a BGE technician to read his analog meter. This month, Lattimore said, BGE sent him a letter saying they couldn’t continue making appointments to read the meter and that he must get an ERT meter installed. If he did not, the letter said, his electricity would be turned off. Lattimore filed a complaint with the PSC, putting the matter on hold until it is resolved there.