Planetary Association for Clean Energy

                                  Statement prepared by 

Planetary Association for Clean Energy

OTTAWA, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada

Submission to the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Health Canada

further to the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel Reviewing Safety Code 6


 Expert Panel Review [redacted words] Safety Code 6[1]

Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy

in the Frequency Range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz

Safety Code 6 Press Conference


(July 9, 2014)

Recognized as a United Nations NGO, the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) Inc. is a network of scientists, health experts, and engineers. It was created by Senator Chesley W. Carter, M.Sc. while chair of two Canadian Senate committees on Science as well as Health, in the early 1970s. With his stewardship, the PACE network was able to confirm the phenomena of acid rain and of ozone layer depletion for Canadian policy decision-makers. As a result, corrective actions were initiated, and international treaties were negotiated by Canada.

Similarly, with the National Research Council of Canada and Queen’s University, by 1975 PACE founders gave the highest priority to the question of electromagnetic field bio-effects and causality. They included Senator Carter of Newfoundland, Dr. Marcel Vogel, chief scientist at IBM, and Dr. Andrija Henry K. Puharich, MD, (also physicist, electronics expert who developed the first micro-technology hearing aids, as well as protection systems against low-level electromagnetic fields).

At the invitation of the federal government, with East European scientists at Ottawa headquarters, in 1989, we proposed exposure guidelines that provide hygiene for electromagnetic fields (ELF and RF/microwave). Since these guidelines, tens of thousands of MDs and experts in dozens of nations have participated in developing more stringent standards which have been largely accepted by the European Council (Resolution 1815 – 2011) and are in the process of being applied around the world.

We wish to stress that:

1) Although the human immune system is not fully matured until about age 18, Health Canada’s obsolete standard ignores higher infancy and childhood vulnerabilities. Instead, Safety Code 6 assumes that specific absorption tolerances of radiofrequency, microwave and wireless technology emissions only for healthy adults (Canadian federal male civil servant / military) from 1 source, and for a short duration, apply to all humans regardless of maturity, gender, health, prescription uptake and age.

2) As early as 1971, several hearing aids patents held by Dr. Puharich explain that weak frequency-modulated microwaves induce sound in the head at very weak power densities, in the presence of other fields such as from electric power & wiring and appliances. [Audio “hash” and pulses demonstrated this principle for the audience.] Numerous individuals can follow third-party communications with such “microwave hearing” due to the intensity of second-hand emissions prevalent now in Canada – including airplane / control tower exchanges near airports – a phenomenon which can be disruptive and even embarrassing, but also of national security risk. (Remote Key FOBs held against head extend range of transmission waves as they pass through the head to extend operating range: an example of interaction of low level emissions and brain liquids alone).

3) Background wireless technology levels are increasing throughout our homes, schools and places of work. Signal levels in classrooms, and in bedrooms, are a significant co-factor in brain disruption, learning and in sleep deprivation (which entail massive social and business costs in accidents and errors).

  1. a) An estimated 1 million children are affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Canada alone; weak EMF exposure is a known co-factor in these disorders.
  1. b) This biological stress does not discriminate based on age. Approximately 750,000 Canadians have Alzheimer’s, for which microwave disturbance is a co-factor. Though historically assumed to be a disease of aging, in recent years this condition is being diagnosed in middle-aged citizens.

4) In some parts of Canada, “second-hand” background power density of outdoor EMF from many sources already exceed up to 40 times the Safety Code 6. Frequencies from emissions of SMART meter transmitters, data-collection systems on LAN/NAN networks, compact fluorescent & other light technology with ballasts, portable wireless technology devices, WiFi routers, computers, are added to a full range of traditional media transmitters (e.g. CN Tower).

5) So elevated now are wireless technology emissions that according to the United Nations’ estimates, over $80 billion of precious electric power is wasted into the air by microwaves worldwide. The electrical energy is being generated by costly means, which also exacerbate climate change.

Before World War I, messages could be sent from an individual to another over a telegraph wire, or even by carrier pigeon! A century later, to carry a message between 2 persons requires millions of dangerous microwave signals that are widely dispersed into space. And often the message is of low clarity!

For the sake of preserving both our civilization and our biosphere, we must innovate safe alternative communication systems, and back them up with new and more responsible “safety codes. For example, on October 26, 2001, a Russian scientist sent a person-to-person “cellphone” message from a site in Germany to St-Petersburg without needed electricity and without dangerous microwaves. Instead he employed gravitational waves, with negligible power at source.

Dr. Andrew Michrowski

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.


(613) 236-6265

[1] Title indicated in contract between Health Canada and the Royal Society of Canada.

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